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Paying for a good day

Was trying not to post negative things but hey its life. Still paying fir my great day out. Aches have settled to normak but sleep is totally disrupted. Brain wont switch off, wish I was just worrying about things sometimes at least I would be thinking something. Hate just laying there wiyh a blank mind and not able to sleep. Was the day out still worth it.....yep it still worth it. Problem is I cant remember much about it. I think this is the most frustrating thing that people dont realise aboit having a BI. I know I am lucky that my memory is only short term so give it a few weeks and I should start to remember the day out. Sorry about the moan , normal ( I think I can remember that word ) service will resume shortly.

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Hi paxo, I hate that blank mind thing to. Sometimes I can just be sitting there watching tv and I feel almost semi conscious. I want to speak to whoever is in the room but nothing will come out!


That sounds a bit like my epilepsy. Luckily medication is stopping that happening at moment. I would go into my own world although I would be aware of my surroundings but didnt interact with them. Others were more aware of what was happening than I was. At night I try to sleep but its like there is sometjing on my mind that I am constantly turning over and over in my mind. Only trouble is I am not thinking of anything, it feels like my mind wont switch off. Have tried not watching tv or neing on lap top or phone before I go to bed. Doesnt seem to make a difference, I have sort of accepted this patrrn as a new way of life , but it doesnt make it any easier to live with.


Hi there, I used to have a real problem with sleeping but I was prescribed sleeping tablets which at least give me about 5/6 hours sleep at night. Sorry if this is too obvious but I just thought I'd share.


I used to be on sleeping tablets but I am trying to cut down on the amount of tablets I take( less to remember). Had problems remembering I had taken them and ended up taking too many with not good results. Have tried loads of herbal remedies with little result. Luckyly this is not a every nihjt complaint but is annoying. Thanks for advice though and remember no advice no matter how obvious it may seem is not helpful.


Hi paxo,

The problem I have with not sleeping is that by the time I get a night where I do sleep I get such realistic dreams that I can't sometimes destinguish from reality.

The other night I turned over to swith off the 7 am alarm to be told, in no uncertin terms, by my wife to 'Stop hitting the alarm clock. It's only half past one!!! Got to bl**** sleep!'

As for the sitting blank and trying to say but not getting things out is also how my epilepsy hits me or getting halfway through a sentence then forgetting totally what I was saying or where I was going! I also often find stuff (book, tablet remote) in my hand not having a clue that I picked them up or what the hell I picked them up for! Sure makes life interesting at times.

I've had sleeping tablets in the past and found they just left me too muzzy the following morning and now with the epilepsy as well worry they may interact with the AEDs.

I think I said in an earlier reply that no matter how bad the bite back is if the day out was enjoyable. Think we all here appreciate more than others perhaps how important it is to grab the happy when you can and kick the bad in the bucket for another day.


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