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Blame it on the weather

I am interested to know why people blame the weather when for example I end up having funny turns especially at work.

It has now happened to me twice in work more recently as a few days ago where I was advised by the first aid /nurse to go to the hospital as a precaution after telling them my medical history.

Just to let you know I did not collapse or blackout just really weird feeling in my legs and arms and like my head was ready to explode for minutes only.

At A&E they contacted my Neuro Dr(based in another hospital) who advised them to do a CT scan which I had done immediately and the following day saw my Neuro & ENT Dr's to check the scan which gladly was ok.

My Neuro Dr did say it sounds like I could have had a mild seizure but is not to concerned at the moment but to immediately contact him if they become more regular or I black out.

So of course I don't really want to say anything at work about this unless I have too in case in affects my job what is the best thing to do!!!!!

Why do people blame the weather when they have no idea??? even though it doe's give me funny feelings at times but not like the above symptoms....

Anyway that feels better now its off my chest:)))

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Hi Gabimou,

I'm affected since my BI by the air pressure.

When the air pressure is rising or falling, my balance is really off, I'm better when the air pressure sits more or less evenly at around 1,000-1,010 mb.

It's taken me a long time to understand this, if the air pressure tops1,010 mb then my head feels like it's going to explode, knowing this helps me understand why I feel so different from day to day, can't do anything about it, but hey don't worry so much anymore.

My experiences, Janet xxxxxxxx


Glad you were checked out Mandy & hope you don't have too many more 'funny turns'.

I'm afraid the weather comes in handy as a scapegoat for when people don't know what to say but feel they need to comment.

Hope the b+stard is well taken care of (never let you forget that).

Best wishes xx


I am affected by big changes in pressure, storms and I can't get cool in hot weather. Cold and damp makes all the broken bits ache too


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