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Hello again i forgot to mention about my sister, over the years she has had problems. But has coped the best she could, she just has to take painkillers. Because anti deppressants do not agree with her and the doctor has tried her on lots. The problem is the blood circulation to her head and neck, arm and shoulder stiffness also she is getting alot of pressure to her lower head and earache, which has just increased as time has gone on. So they are not getting to the route of the cause. She never had this before her injuries. She also worries about her looks and her eyes. And her right eye she feels still droop's since her injuries. She really is a lovely person, but has had violent outbursts after her injuries and done impulsive things. She has always had mild deppression but mainly worked and had more good days than bad and use to be very out going, despite her mild deppression.

But because i know her well before her injuries she had a very slow temper, it use to take alot for her to get angry. she also gets tired easily. And she had more interests before her injurie's her life has not stopped, because she has a son like me to look after. But she struggles to come to terms with her injuries the way she looks. I have seen her with makeup on ect and think she's lovely as she is. But she does not see herself that way since he injuries. But she say's she is in alot of discomfort and the only thing she can do is to take painkillers as there is no alternative .liz x

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So she had a car accident then, about 10-12 years ago?

Does she had facial scars? Does she have access to a gp?

If she has a gp get her to ask for referral to pain clinic, they can offer a different route to relieving her pain.

Forget about the legal stuff now if it's done. No point in looking back and you can't do it a second time. Tests and X-rays are only good for so much. After a while it's more productive to deal with the things that make life difficult, all the scans and X-rays in the world won't change her pain levels, seeing someone who knows how to get the correct medication for that particular sort of pain is a god send. I get acupuncture on the NHS and I have had many different combinations of medications till I got a good result.

All you can do is support your sister as begs you can and try to encourage her to join into everyday activities.


A lot of what you wrote about your sister I can relate to - my BI is now involving doctors looking at my 'blood disorder', diagnosed 2010, which has led to liver investigation, the liver clears toxins from the body. I have been on a variety of anti-depressants to help with BI, plus blood pressure tabs now and a daily form of asprin for 18mths. Cancer and Alcohol have been ruled out.

I've had several bood tests and mri's since Feb this year, andhad a fibroscopy and ecg 3 weeks or so ago. I am to have another mri tuesday to look specifically at c5-c6 and c6-c7 area of neck, where, I've thought I have arthritis and was taking ibuprofen for a few years also. I am not depressed but they are helpful with neuro signs and symptoms. I was on aural antibiotic drops for a week not long ago,for a LH ear infection. I had found traces of dried blood when I was cleaning them v gently with cotton wool buds after washing my hair.

When blood is not cleaned properly it also does not reach the brain as efficiantly as it should. I am starting to put many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together - not literally - just the various health things diagnosed, treated / not treated that have occurred since 2010. I have an appointment already to see the Conultant 6 days after my next MRI on Tueday.

From what you have written I don't think it would be a bad thing for her to go and talk to her doctor and keep an eye on meds she takes whether voluntarily or by prescription.


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