But I'm not Depressed - Lia Rees


A poetically written book about an unusual case of Aquired Brain Injury. Most of us will know the soul destroying nature of a condition without easy fixes or much public or even medical understanding. Lia has the additional problem of an unknown cause seemingly linked to a vaccination leading to very similar symptoms to a traumatic head injury.

She describes how the symptoms manifest, how she struggled to complete university, how she rebuilt her life around new skills she could take on and manage. The easy reading breaks down only in the chapters where she describes her medical treatment, the anger caused by doctors who had no idea what the problem could be clearly comes through. She was just diagnosed with depression and sent on a course of therapy where the purpose was to convince her she was depressed rather than suffering a brain injury.

Some chapters cover a nice playlist of music she found works with her hear and some her investigations into possible causes (lack of oxygen during the night leading to sleep deprevation?). She looks at any silver linings and how to keep a list of tasks to be able to do once any cure is found.

I recommend this as an insightful and honest but not-too-heavy ready into the world of a head injury more tricky to understand than most.

Readers may know Lia as NightBird on this forum.

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  • I'm glad you found the book interesting :) . I've mentioned it on here a few times, but don't want to be one of those "buy my book" authors. There are too many of those!

  • Hi Lia

    I do very much like to read books of others experiences of acquiring and living with a brain injury as can be most helpful in many ways. I wasn't aware that you had written one. I have taken a look at a few pages of yours on Amazon and I do think it will be of interest and helpful for me, so have purchased a copy for my kindle. Thank you Lia.

  • I hope you like it. I'm still trying to find the balance between bombarding everyone with marketing, and doing so little promotion that nobody knows it exists...


  • It is so needed as BI so poorly understood medically or in society! We need people like you with personal experience and the ability to do something.

  • Thank you for your review of Lia's book and giving the link to it. I have just purchased a kindle copy.

    I went yesterday to the very immersive experience of 'Reassembled, Slightly Askew' written by Shannon Sickels. It was an extremely powerful and emotional and with many similarities to my own hospitalisation and coma, it was like I was there going through it all again! We were greeted by a 'nurse' as if we were being admitted to hospital, had a hospital bracelet put on, laid on hospital beds, and the had ear phones and eye masks put on. You then listened through about 45 minutes of 3D spoken words and sound that sounded so real! Just like you were actually going through it. I had silent tears falling. Shannon was life threateningly ill and now has a brain injury caused by abscesses that she had and had to have a crainiotomy to have them drainedand so had a chunk of skull in her abdomen. As I have said it has taken me back to my experience and although very cathartic I am left needing to deal with thoughts, feelings and emotions of my own hospital experience that had been blocked or not dealt with by me and are again very real and raw. It touches on the after discharge too. However, it was a brilliant experience and acutely helpful for me I think, but also because unless you have been through something like this yourself there is no way you understand the real experience of it but the experience of Reassembled, Slightly Askew' is educating others including brain medics.

  • Thanks for the alert Jonathan. Just bought it on Kindle, so will enjoy reading it after I've finished re-reading 'Catcher in the rye' !

    Hope things are ok with you. xx

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