would like to murder today

Nothing to do with bi today but a big rant. My granddaughter is lovely. She is a very caring nurse in a chemoward in a big London hospital. On her days off she takes old ladies out to tea. She looks after me with texts and calls if she knows I am feeling down. She has saved up and bought a lovely little car and SOME SHITBAG HAS JUST STOLEN IT!! Don't any of these people have a conscience? I hope if they get cancer someone like her is caring enough to treat them!

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  • Shitbag ,is to kind a word for those low life's 👊

  • The words I would have used might have closed down the site!

  • 😂 lol

  • Fair enough

  • Unfortunately these people don't consider the character of the person when they steal a car if they did give a thought for anyone then they would make there law breaking activity hard to do! I also similarly had my first car stolen from outside a hospital for me to discover when I finished my shift as a nurse! Some years later had another car stolen from what I know call a 'park and drive' eg I park it and someone else drives it off! For me back then I think cars were easier to steal whereas now the technology makes it harder ...... but not impossible. I am so sorry that this has happened to your granddaughter. I sure do understand how hard and long she will have saved, the impact of her car having been stolen, and the absolute unfairness when all she does is try to help people and be a great citizen.

  • has she reported it as stolen ?

  • Morning hun, that is awful these mindless morons just see greed and objects like magpies. It never enters their one brain cell the hurt, cost and fear. Society isn't what it use to be, I was brought up to respect people. There are a lot of people these days that only think about themselves and seem to be obsessed with material things. I spoke to an elderly neighbour the other day and we both agreed that society has gone backwards. Its the elderly, disabled or chronically or terminally ill people that have become second rate citizens we're invisible (sorry that was my rant)

    I hope your granddaughter gets something sorted out, I know how much support she is for you and your husband :-) x

  • Such a shame Jan. And what a horrible feeling when you've worked hard for something and some b**tard just decides to help themselves to it. Hope your niece doesn't take it too personally ; it's just a material 'thing' to the thief & they've no interest in who might be upset/inconvenienced by its loss. I hope she's insured at least.

    I saw footage recently of some youths dragging a man from his mobility scooter, all the time hooting with laughter and making off with the scooter whilst he lay on the tarmac ; no conscience these people. xx

  • Hi Jan, Jules here.

    Know exactly how you are feeling.

    I was trying to use a really old ratty tatty push bike in the early days of recovery - i loved it, some person stole it too. It would have no value to them. I dont understand.

    What comes round (I hope)




  • Unfortuately, I don't think that's always true. You think of the lovely people on this site who have had awful things happen to them, then think of all the scumbags you know who seem to have charmed lives. If I only had a magic wand.....

  • Hi Jan, Jules here.

    I know you are right.

    I put it right in my brain by thinking the following:

    The poor antelope lives a good life but dies a horrible death - my life cannot compare.

    It sort of helps me forget about those horrible stupid people.

    Kind regards



  • Dexter.....

  • The person who stole your grand daughters car is not in a good place,their life and head is messed up even more than BI. Your granddaughter is a beautiful person who makes the world a better place. I feel sorry for that person and their sad pathetic existence it's unlikely that the road ahead for them is a good one. So although she as lost her car she will be back on the road and helping us all and not in the gutter who cant owner a car or make a positive living. Sometimes having a rant feels good. X

  • jan,exhausted wife no way the horrible little bleeps is what im allowed to say karmas;a biatch,n hope it hits them hun,

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