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Omega 3-6-9 to aid the brain

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Whilst I was in the Neuro rehabilitation ward last November/ December my sister told me she had read an article in a natural medicine magazine about a young man who had sustained a very serious brain injury in the USA and his family were told to expect the worst, they were desperate for him to get better so started reading up on the subject. They came across an article that suggested that hih doses of Omega 3-6-9 could help the brain heal, so they gave it a shot. Low and behold their son made a miraculous recovery.

I had read that Omega 3-6-9 fish oils were good for the brain and took them whilst studying at university and when I had a bad bout of depression so I thought I would give the fish oils another go. I sent a family member to Holland & Barrett to get me some high dose ester 3-6-9, they came back with 1000mg capsules; fish, flaxseed and starflower oils and I started taking them. 3 per day, 3000mg. I still take them and I swear by them. I would highly recommend that anyone who has suffered a brain injury take these miriacle capsules, I've also been taking selenium, magnesium, zinc and folic acid to help boost my immune sytem and help with the healing process.

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Word of caution here, always check supplements are safe to take with other drugs, selenium should not be taken with statins, I had to stop taking it when prescribed statins but co-enzyme Q10 is beneficial as you age if taking statins. Janet x

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Being stoopid here, but what's a statin?

The combo I take has been recommended to help with my endometriosis too, but you are right to always make sure it's safe to take supplements and natural remedies with other meds. Just because it's natural doesn't make it 100% safe, studied natural remedies at uni so learnt a bit

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Hi Jennaberri, statins help to lower cholesterol in people who have high cholesterol that doesn't lower with diet, ie genetics can play a part here and high cholesterol can be a contributory factor in heart attacks and strokes. All these supplements need to be carefully researched because they can interact and also how the body deals with them perhaps your liver or kidneys can be affected so it all has to be taken into consideration. Selenium can be poisonous if taken in large doses so you have to be careful with dosage as it is present in foods too.

Don't get me wrong I think supplements are underused in this country and I recently had a blood test that checked vitamin D levels so we're slowly catching up with the USA.

My niece has MS and has to have vit B12 injections weekly and takes high dose vit D as well as Co enzyme Q10, all necessary for nerve health. My youngest daughter has 3 monthly vitB12 injections and my eldest daughter is a coeliac which can cause low vitB12, all autoimmune deficiencies.

So if they work for you fantastic I'll look into the Omega 3-6-9 I think my niece takes those too :-) Janet

I agree about using fish oils and other supplements. I think we are way behind on supplements, much better appreciated in USA. Medics here are very anti supplements. When I had depression I read up and asked my doctor about Vitamin D and she was very discouraging. I took it anyway and still do. I also took antidepressants. But willing to try anything that helps. Yes always check compatibility meds and supplements and herbs etc.

where in the world are you jenniberri, you talk a lot of sense.

Plymouth, UK

I must admit, from reading your post, I guessed you were at least in Europe. I think your enquiry, you're probably familiar with the "resistance" of the British system. First of all "they" are anti anything they don't come up with themselves, just so they can say "told you so".

Fortunately, your accident seems to have left you with all your marbles, were as mine seems to have left the only person that will help me is me. As I'm in a wheelchair, this is not always enough.

Are you back with the horses again? Do you have a RDA down there?

Anti anything that might help, or anything they can't make money on, lol.

I've always prefered trying the natural way before prescribed medicine and I wanted to try and help my brain recover as naturally as possible. I cut out drinking tap water, got a water filter, I stopped using plastic containers unless they were bpa free, cut down on chemicals and high e numbered food and looked for anything that would help my brain heal and repair. Fortunately it seems to have worked, as you say I have my marbles, haha, it's taken 10 monthsbut I'm back at work, I'm running again, swimming in the sea and I have sat on a friends 17.2hh horse. Although I haven't ridden again since as Neuro surgeon said if I damage my brain again I won't recover so well. I've come out of this better than anyone could have expected so I'm going to be cautious. x

It's a good start living by the sea, the air here, even on the edge of London is bad.

Ohhh I'm excited to try this!

Just wait until you try krill oil!

Neuro's don't come to London, so you'll be OK horseriding in that area.

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