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Chiropractor ideas while in coma

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Trying to see if I can start implementing other things to help Tony from his ABI,while he’s in a coma. Of course doctors are saying “nothing”can be done and continue the poor prognosis. His feet and legs have moved and he clenched my hand twice and he blinked twice when I asked him so I’m looking at those things. If anyone knows or can direct me to specific techniques or information with chiropractic help I would greatly appreciate t I want to try and bring someone in this week. Also I’ve read that omega fish helped a woman with her sons horrific brain injury as well. I say why not try it all of it can possibly help.

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I'd say go for it. Try everything you never know it can't do any harm. My daughter fell ill three years ago this month. The docs can't help as they don't know what went wrong. They said she has viral encephalitis and that she was going to die. She has been in a vegetative state since then. We tried omega 3 for several months, acupuncture and reflexology. I will carry on trying anything and everything as I am not giving up. Physically she has improved a lot. I am (so are the Carers) also convinced that she can hear and smell. She is at home with me and every afternoon I massage her and do physio. I will never give up and I will say to anyone NEVER give up.

While there is life there is hope !!!!!

I completely agree and I will be trying those things as well sincerest hope for your daughter be well xx thanks

We have been having a professor come to the hospital our dad is at to give him acupuncture. I truly think it’s making a difference. I think anything is worth a try.

That’s threat I asked his therapist and he said that wouldn’t even bother working I will most likely pay an outside person to come and work on him they are little help here thanks so much

Where abouts are you? We had a bit of a fight for the acupuncture to be done but they eventually agreed. It had to go through lots of meetings and paper work. Now they just let the professor get on with it. Sometimes they have certain people who have worked in a hospital before who have been through all the checks so worth checking. The acupuncture has been great at getting a reaction from my dad. He’s been in a coma for 8 weeks now after a brain injury from a car accident. He’s now able to move his left side and even locate and pull out some of the needles and pull different facial expressions. It’s amazing to watch.

Omg that’s amazing!!! Wow I wish him continued success. We are in the US and as soon as his medical is cleared and we know where he’s going I will try to see if they can implement these things! I do believe like you they are beneficial thanks!

Wishing you luck. The sooner you can start the more benefit there will be...or so I’ve heard. I’ve also read and been using essential oils on my dad. Especially frankincense which is meant to have great healing elements. I just use a carrier oil to massage into different parts of his body.

That’s great thanks so much I will try that good luck to you guys kit

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