Hot hot hot!

I'm sitting melting in my lounge, it's now after 7 pm.

I'm feeling for all those folk further south who must be just a puddle because it's hotter than a hot thing.

I'm very grateful, the sun is out and I'm happy. I've been out with my son for lunch at the seaside, I took my dog out for a lovely long walk through the woods. Wonderful dappled colours and shade, much needed in this heat.

quite a few happy moments today, youngest son got his computer back, all fixed. I got my new bank card :-)

Today life is good :)

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  • I am feeling the same wish I could get to the coast but it is too hot to travel

  • That's me - melting in a puddle - got roundly told off by my young healthy colleague for complaining about the heat last Thursday (unbearably hot for me) but then she loves it and thrives in the heat. I love it (great not to have to take layers and brolly etc) and people cheer up but my body doesn't like it at all. So I breathed a sigh of relief when it got cooler over the weekend and Monday morning but now temperature's climbing back up I'm drooping and melting but obviously in silence at work ;) The cat doesn't mind me complaining as long as I feed her :)

  • having the week off, its not too bad, and has been a fresh wind on the edge of london.

  • Phew, 27degrees here in Manchester @ midnight. Another night with my large fan blasting overhead ! :o

    Nice to hear you had such a lovely day Danslatete.

  • Dear God, roll on winter! I'm in the minority I think, I hate this heat with a passion

  • Blimey I just saw the difference between us on the east coast and you poor people in the West of Scotland or the whole of England, 22 as a high for me and 10 deg more for you! Oh wow.

    I hope you all have ice lollies on tap :-}

  • So glad you had a lovely day, and are enjoying life. ! X

  • Glad u had a good day. yes sun does seem to uplift people. I live in Eastbourne, East Sussex and it was 30degrees at 7 pm last night. My spascitity likes the heat, it improves and pain not so intense, but my head feels like it is about to blow up! So I bought myself a big floppy hat, and kept my head in the shade and legs in the sun! It was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday (no his name isn't George Windsor ha ha), and I dramatically drooped and said sorry I got to go to bed at 8 pm. felt a bit guilty but I beyond that now and listen to my body

  • I am in Central London and I am suffering...It has been 38C inside the house and the fans are useless because they just waft hot air around. I hate the hot weather and particularly the humidity levels. The air "quality" here in town is bad enough anyway but when we get a heatwave it is worse.

    I can't wait for winter...


  • I thought of something good thing about this heat - cooking a salad is much easier ;)

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