Knowing when to stop

Well it's getting late, and uve tried - lots if things.......but still no sign of sleep. Resisted electronic devices all night but it's 3.30 and I've run out if ways to amuse myself in silence in the dark.

Still struggling a year in with weird and wonderful inexplicable head pains (no pattern), and of late - an extra special super dooper type of unusual Tinnitus which feels like a butterfly (or ten) is trapped in my ear abd my heads about to explode.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about - it's just another thing after all. (To add to the - how unusual can life get? List ).

Still haven't learnt when to stop.....rests have gone out the window, along with all the other recovery 'good practice' that seemed to be helping a few months ago.

Anyway - mustn't grumble, just thought I'd say hi to all my bi insomniac cyber buddies before I go back to my game (seeing how many ticks of the clock I can count before I forget what number I reached). Beats the hell out of twiddling ones thumbs, listenin to hubby making interesting snores, and alternating eyes opening and shutting in time to muscle tightening yoga type exercises which can be done lying down. :)

Happy Tuesday people - it's nearly time to get up :)

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Good morning Elenor, sorry you've had another restless night.

I can't say I've any tips to help its not a huge problem for me, only an occasional sleepless night, I'm usually so exhausted when I get to bed time I'm glad to shut my eyes.

Some days it can take a few hours of boring TV watching, I think I've seen all the CSI, Law and Order and NCSI series at least twice over but thanks to the short term memory problems there's always something I don't remember in an episode😀

This works for me though, I've taken one quarter of a portion, yes I cut them into quarters, every night and have done for more than two years now with the knowledges of my GP who says it's not a problem. It just helps me eventually drop of to sleep or if I wake in the early hours I can get back to sleep without tossing and turning for too long. There's always the odd night that it doesn't help but that doesn't happen often.

A bonus is it has helped my sinus problem which was probably caused by allergic rhinitis and now I no longer need the nasal sprays from the GP.

Hope you got some sleep eventually.

Thinking of you

Janet x

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Thank you Janet - is it pineapple you take? (In quarters?) Dint laugh :) I'm guessing cos of the rhinitis - I head pineapple is good for that. Of course it could be cauliflower or cucumber :) ? Or maybe it's a tablet if some sort? I look forward to your reply :) x


No, Elenor, just shows I didn't proof read the post, it's piriton , the antihistamine tablets. It got auto corrected to portion😀



Ha :) I'm glad it's not just me ......... I laugh when I read som e of the things I've written. Well I immensely enjoyed guessing what the quarter portion item was, I think it added to your post. :) x

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Hi Elonor, I have gone through periods of being able to fall asleep at any point of the day or night, to problems falling and staying asleep.

I have made some progress by engaging with my local pharmacist who has advised me on the best antihistamines with drowsy side effects. If all else fails I take a sip of Night Nurse which is fail safe!

Worth trying if you haven't already, good luck

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That's not something I'd thought of ......any things worth a try :) I've been avoiding the kind offer of sleeping pills for months now - I really don't need anything else to make me drowsy or foggy during the day. :) I can do that in my own.

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Eeeee what ya like. U can make a giggle and smile even though it's total pants for you. Oh dear it's yet another thing to try you isn't it. The never ending pants. Although these nights are the worse thing , I been there , I do find they pass. Mind it may go on till you are the walking dead and you just can't understand how the body is functioning. However it does just one day pass. Try this that and other just doesn't work I know so if you turn to electronic devices it doesn't matter, it will make no difference. Just do what you want to do cause the advice you given is so helpful isn't it !!!!! 😳 xx take care hun

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Thank you for your reply.........wish I'd thought of that word :) yes it is just pants........ That sums it up perfectly. At least I'm at home today and not out causing havoc somewhere. x


I can't work out this sleep thing either. Recently been awake until the very early hours then awake 6 or 7 am. I don't feel sleepy or yawn, don't feel tired like I used to pre-injury but know I have fatigue.

A sleep doctor suggested I walk for 90 minutes a day preferably in one go, in the afternoon. Struggled to do it for a very long time and it didn't make a difference, neither did sleeping tablets.

The only thing I can think of is that for decades i used to very physically and mentally active and use to push myself to the extremes and when I gave in and went to sleep, I would be asleep instantly but then arise early to resume the battle again. I think my body or brain is still in this mode somewhere but I don't know how to reprogram it back to "normal".

The disturbed (or lack of) sleep obviously contributes to our poor memory and cognitive skills. It is during sleep, when our short term memories are converted to longer ones. A lot of "repair" work is also under taken when we sleep which is so vital especially in the early stages

I have often asked specialists about what chemically happens to the brain after sleep that refreshes and rejuvenates it. Because if the chemical can be prescribed couldn't we take it to help with the sleep. Each one of them thought it would be a great solution but had no idea what is released by the body during sleep - yet more brain mysteries

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Hi :)

Your idea is great.......if only they could sort that one out. Interesting also that you had that easy 'going straight to sleep' before - because you were so busy. I was like that too, and usually get plenty of exercise bit haven't been able to for the last few weeks. I think you've just diagnosed my main problem,. Perhaps when I can get out and about again the sleep will improve. I've has several phases since my accident . In hospital - no sleep of any quality at all. Just the odd half hour or hour here and there. Back at home it was similar....two hours at a time now and then throughout the day and night. I'd improved a fair bit and was getting five or six hours a night until recently.......perhaps it'll go back to the new normal again soon. Xx


Hi Eleanor - sounds like a ( not so ) fun night !

I'd have been tempted to find some relaxing music, rather than listen to ticking clocks or my own tinnitus ! Speaking of the tinnitus - could the butterfly be a muscle gently spasming within the ear ? I sometimes get a deafening juggernaut/sink plunger spasm in mine - luckily it only lasts a few minutes. My partner snores too - sometimes it's 'pen full of pigs' loud and annoying, others quite gentle, oddly peaceful and comforting : )

I have noticed that if I've had a really exciting day ( like going to zoo with son and girlfriend ), even though I'm physically exhausted my head keeps replaying the lovely events and keeps me awake. It's like if I get overhyped, I find it hard to calm down for a long time afterwards, similar to how some children can get ! Extreme worry ( fortunately rare for me ) has the same effect. Often I'm face down before I want to be - missed the end of lots of good films ! Hope you get a better rest tonight,

Angela x


Hi Angelite,

Goodness, you sound like my twin. I'm having an 'over stimulated' time at the minute, and yes it causes exactly that reaction for me too. Wide awake and can't sleep, mind working overtime replaying completely unconnected things. I do use music, but find it very interesting - ironically it helps to keep me awake.

I was really interested to read about ear spasms, I've never heard of this before. I looked it up and was astonished,it has many similarities to my experience. I'm due to see the neurologist again soon, so will raise this.

Thank you for telling me about it. :) xx

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