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Wouldn't it be great if you woke up knowing how you were going to feel?


Today is a wobbly day! But it's been a good day regardless, I try to go swimming on a Thursday cos I have a bigger window to aim at time wise at the local pool and it never gets really busy, this morning my eldest son contacted me cos he was taking my granddaughter to the hospital and said he would come with me and have lunch with me after. What a bonus for the day, I'm shattered now and have slept for at least an hour this afternoon, but I had company and he took me and brought me home so I didn't have to struggle on the bus, or walk and I had his company, the best bit. I am so lucky, I can still enjoy all these things and today, although wobbly, has turned into one of the best. I hope you had a good day if you are reading this, take care and here's to tomorrow. love Janet x

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Really glad your wobbly day turned out so well for you. I would love to be able to know in advance how I was going to feel...it would make planning so much easier... I love it when I am able to go with whatever the day offers.

Today was a wobbly day for me too but it was my Mum's birthday and we had plans...I got through them in the end by some strategic napping and planning and I am glad I did...like you I am exhausted by it all but I am glad for the day.

Wishing you lots more good days ahead xx

Kirk5w7 in reply to iforget

So glad you had a good day too, woken up to sunshine today, so will use my energies in the garden today, I use every precious minute of energy I have now, don't you, there are too many times to slump in front of the tv anyway, like you say every day takes strategic planning to get the most out of it, but at least I don't feel I waste as many days now.

Hope today is a good one for you x

well done both, its nice to hear about peoples good days,as we all know how precious they are , hope u ave many more .


great post,forgotten this thinking of late..nice real reminder,thanks made me smile wryly ;)xxx

Kirk5w7 in reply to Hidden

Hi Razi, Thanks for the reply

Hope you have lots of good days

Love Janet x

Glad to hear you've been getting on with stuff.

Sorry to bring down the tone but had a splitting headache for second day now.......Just hope it might shoot off into cyberspace with this message !

Love to all xx

Kirk5w7 in reply to cat3

Sorry to hear that Cat, I must admit if I 'm feeling a bit off I take a couple of paracetamols, I have the rehab unit to thank for that!, I hardly ever took painkillers before but they gave them out like sweets, I do limit it to two a day and only if I need them, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. Ubfortunately the sunshine has turned to rain now, the best laid plans eh?

Take care, love Janet x

it would be very boaring if you knew what was guna be before it happen the rollercoster is a ride you dont get to pull the brake

good fun any road

Its great when you have people who care.I have my brother and his family live with and their young daughter is a real tonic,she doesnt judge you she takes on face value,Glad to hear you are getting on with your life good luck to you all the best for the future reguards

Holbury28 saying all the best.

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