Happy ending kind of

Wow when coming out the coma and learning of crash I was addermant that it was cause of animal . Totally forgot that till now. Just gave mt daughter a lift through a country lane to a friend. Similar to the one I crashed on. Something ran out in front of me so I had to shame my breaks on hard and I swerved to miss it. The guy behind was not happy but managed to miss hitting me. Yes he clearly was too close and it's a 60 zone. In a second I hyperventilate and was ill. It happened exactually as the night I crashed. A major flame back at the time I swerved. It was an animal that night, don't know what but I didn't know what that was today. I hyperventilate , went dizzy and started shaking. Luckily my daughter was with me and then my dad spoke to me all the way home till I was safe. Iv sat outside with the dog and a coffee with loads and loads of sugar to calm down. I have the answer to why I crashed. It was an animal and I didn't kill it, it got away. All this pain and the last horrid 6 years was worth it. I would do it again tomorrow oh hang on lol I did it again today. My gosh closure after 6 years of not knowing why then this. It made me remember what I kept saying when I came out of coma. It's all come together now. My jigsaw is finished AT LAT. I'm happy, really happy never thought this day would ever happen. The animal got away

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  • Been looking at woodland animals I think it must of been a baby squirrel

  • Oh Candice

    Try and stay mellow. It must have been shocking for you with new memories.

    At least they are helpful ones. I am yet to think about the crash - the hospital are about to with me.

    Husbands home so i am going to try and make a quiche - honest i have burnt 2 cookers now and thats terribly dangerous, so only cook when hes here. Will let you know what its like.

    Speak later



  • Lol you have an amazingly great ability to break cookers like I do hoovers. Iv lived in this house for 5 years and broken 5-6 hoovers. Some dyson so clearly not easy to break. We have special powers lol. Enjoy cooking xx

  • Awesome!

    So glad you weren't hurt when you had your recurrence!

    Hopefully you will be able to sleep better now!

    Love Debs


  • Thanks Hun xx

  • Candy, that must be a massive comfort to you (after the initial jolt of the memory & emotional effects) knowing that your accident was caused by saving a life ! :-/

    Hope you're felling calmer today ; keep up the cuppas. Cat xx

  • I am thank you. My mind has changed totally since that happened. Not knowing why was still upsetting me. It's all good now xx

  • That is quite some revelation, Candy ! Prompted by a very similar circumstance - it's strange how the memory locks things up and needs the key to open the door again. I'm so pleased that you now how the answer to the question that has haunted you for so long. Angela x

  • Thank you. It was really bugging me, I just couldn't understand. The fact I saw something very diff to my daughter shows it was a flash back. Checked with my phycologist to check I wasn't just mental xx

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