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Sharing my achievement

Last Saturday me, husband and two friends went out to a bistro near to where we live..........

What's so great about that you ask, well!....

I avoid going out to eat because of my difficulties........I cannot sit near windows, doors, entrances, exits, music speakers, internal lights, direct sunlight, or have anyone sitting behind me..... the list goes on...... Also, because of the tremor and co-ordination in my left arm I can't eat very well with a knife and fork. I usually end up missing my mouth or poking my face and I'm a stubborn bugger and won't accept help easily......more fool me hey!

Anyway! ......I divert a little here.....I have a weekly home visit from a Neuro Psychologist.

Long story, It took 6 years for this to happen and I would recommend every brain injury survivor and partner sees a N.P if possible. The help to me and hubby has been immense, although a little late considering what we have gone through, but better late than never.

N.P asked me to look at what I want from life and how best to manage what I want, along with excepting the changes the brain injury caused. He said, you are never going to be you pre injury, so try and adapt your lifestyle using the pre and post injury you

( I've given a short explanation of our chat, hope it makes sense....)

Anyway....a light came on in my head and I thought right you stubborn bugger think about what N.P said and adapt...and I did...... :)

I rang the bistro and requested a table and explained in brief my pre mentioned difficulties. They suggested I look at the menu on line, which was a big help. I also asked would they cut my food if it was necessary.

I now realise how important it is to explain your circumstances to people so they can understand and help. I will always remember reading "just because they can't see it doesn't mean it's not there" and they won't know if you don't tell them.

At the bistro we had a nice table, it felt great when given the menu... I read and ordered...... mushrooms in a tarragon and cream sauce with crusty bread,

Pork Fillet in a mushroom sauce (yes! I love mushrooms) with seasonal veg , I fib, I had chunky chips :) Ended the meal with cheese and a sneaky spoon of husbands sticky toffee pudding.........delicious

I used a steak knife to cut my food and adapted the way I eat without feeling embarrassed.

The night was great for all and i was home in my bed by 9pm.

I apologise that its such a long blog, but I'm so pleased with what i achieved, I just wanted to share. And I will never forget hubby's face and how proud he was of me :)

Yippee........I have finally learnt (with time and help) to adapt to the new me, using some of the old and all of the new...

As the saying goes.......Rome wasn't built in a day!

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that is absolutely fantastic indeed long may it continue :)


Wonderful stuff, very well done you!


Bravo Mrs!


Amazing to hear. Well done you!


Well done you!

I went out for a meal last night, i had no idea what i would actually be getting because i had a copy of the menu and ordered and paid for it a while ago! I was worried that maybe it had been a wet and miserable day when i had ordered and in last nights heat i would have to struggle with a stodgy pie or something. Maureen who had organised the meal had printed off a little slip with the meal choice on it and everyone got one, so i didn't feel 'special'!!! ;-) I would never have gone to a group meal where i had to order in a loud and busy place either,

The relief that you get from the realisation that you can do the new you is immense. I made a greater recovery after i stopped trying to be the old me!

Good luck with all the new things you'll be enjoying.


Thanks everyone for your comments, they are much appreciated :)


Fantastic...well done. ...and that meal sounds wonderful...I love mushrooms too!


Well done! What a fantastic blog, it is clear from your writing how chuffed you are with this achievement, and so you should be.

It's also really good to hear the restaurant staff were helpful and considerate too.

Well done again and long may it continue!


How wonderful. I really do understand what a fantastic achievement this must be, and cant wait for the day I can write a similar one, when my husband gets there too.

Very best wishes, Molly


Brilliant that's fantastic!


It's always great to hear a success story :) gives people a bit more hope.


What a lovely feel-good story. Well done Leslie & hope there's lots more dining out to come.

:-) xx


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