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why is it always a friday afternoon when i need to talk to someone and can,t because they've gone home?

I do mean TALK, not type or write and I don't mean I need to talk to HW either. I just try to clear things up in my mind, knowing weekend is approaching but that's when no-one is available and I've alredy spent most of week with no-one to TALK to except a cat that won't be here soon!

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Racking my brain here to see how I can help, cos I'm always around, but you're over in France, must have a chat with my husband about Skype calls and phone etc he works for Telefonica so has all those communication things sussed out, but I find it so difficult to remember things now, he gets a bit short with me sometimes and tonight is one of those nights, he's had a busy day had to go to Birmingham for a 2 hour meeting! Great isn't it 5 hours in the car, so all day wiped out, but none does his work if he's not there!!

Will speak to him tomorrow.

Love Janet xxxx


I know it isn't talking as in 'face to face' but remember there's a 'Cat' here who hopefully WILL be around for a good while, & always ready to talk/listen..................not to mention many others.

Many of us are alone for days on end and that's the point of this forum. I can be in a room full of familiars and still isolated, but coming here to 'talk' feels like I'm among real friends.

I hope you can quell your feelings of panic Shirley and try to see the weekend as just like any other days of the week.

Thinking of you.............................xx


thanks Eileen, I know what you mean about being among real friends on here, guess I just feel a bit overwhelmed at moment with everything going on, and that song just opened up a lot memories with reliving the night of my BI. I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve a lot. I know you are here for me, thanks :-) xxxx


OK m'dear but please try to keep it together 'til the move..........then you can plonk yourself down in your new home (amongst all the boxes) and sigh with relief.

You're under great stress at present but take your mind back to how poorly you were last year and compare things the way they are now. It's all practical stuff now................and things you couldn't have dreamed of at that awful time so, although it isn't easy, you're doing it........and you will get through all this.

You've mentioned an upsetting song a couple of times. I think it was something related to 'The twilight zone'. But what is the song ?

Also, when you were talking to ZEBLET you mentioned someone called 'TQ'......What does that stand for ?

Try to be kind to yourself Shirley.

Lotsoflove xxxxxxxxxx


oh perhaps I sent the reply twice re the song. Its The Twiglight Zone on YouTube I think you put a link to it. When I herd it some of the words were about a bullet in the head, that reminded me about how it felt when the aneuysm shot up the Artery to the brain - very painful at the time and it jus made me remember the whole night it all happened - my BI. TQ is turquoise - he and ZEBLET were talking about cats and Zeblet is trying to get his Dad's cat Daisy re-homed somewhere - she is being kept at the vets or a cattery and costing Zeb a lot of money every week! Him and TQ seem to live near other and TQ was talking about possibly getting another cat, as he lost his last one last year. Must go nd get ready for Driving lesson now. Will be back later. Didn't find a repeat of your Horizon programme but there is another one to do with the brain/mind on this week as well. Will give you details later! xxxx


Sorry Shirley I haven't heard the song you're referring to. The music I was talking about is the theme tune to 'The Twilight Zone' and it's purely instrumental. It's a high-pitched synthesized tune with graphics, and the voice of a narrator introducing the viewer to the programme.

So now I'm curious to know what you actually saw on utube. I looked again just now but couldn't find any song connected to the programme about a bullet in the head. But I can see that such words might have upsetting associations, which is really unfortunate, but I sounds like you might have found something totally unrelated.

Hope your lesson went well. xxx


found it - not the song in particular - but your reference to it in Janets 'early morning ramblings-again' . version again I must have played the wrong song because I found several references to that name. I played the instrumental version today and recognised the tune! Think I must be going mad - albeit I feel quite relaxed, not stressed. Just hope my hearing hasn't gone awol as well as my visual perception. Talking of which, the next Horizon programme. BBC2 or BBC2 HD 9pm tonight! HOW YOU REALLY MAKE DECISIONS! Sounds interesting, I've set up to record it. The driving was much better today. Better road position and gear changing most times, although I did forget a couple times which way to go. She didn't like the way I handled the gear lever though!Said I didn't hold it properly - I do feel hopeful that I will be able to drive again, just need more practise! Another lesson next week, but will get move over and settled in before I consider buying another car!

Got a more important immediate problem - no original birth or marriage certificate to be found at moment. They were left with the Notaire who presided over the sale of my half of house to my husband last September and I was told in November they had been sent to the Property Registration office in the main town of my old area Department, along with the new Deed for recording in their Archives.

I need both the Certificates for up here. French administrative procedures are a nightmare here in France! Spoke to my husband this afternoon about it and he couldn't care less and told me to make enquiries! So I had to insist he did that as he lives near the town they are held in - I don't hold out much hope of his co-operation now and don't know what to do myself about it! Don't know the name of the administrative office - oh I have just had a thought I'll speak to our old friend and neighbour who we bought the house from originally, which I have just now done and he has asked to email him details and he'll see what information he can give me! It sometimes helps having a brainwave! xxxxxxx


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