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What piece of music has helped you after brain injury?


Music is hugely powerful and personal, and listening to our favourite songs can help us get through some of the most difficult times in life.

What one song have you turned to after you or a loved one sustained a brain injury? Why does it mean so much to you?

We'll share a selection of your songs and comments for our You, Me, and Brain Injury campaign in May.

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I "tortured" staff with Westlife album while I was out of ICU so a song to take me back would be Westlife feat. Mariah Carey - Against All Odds or Flying with out wings by Westlife

This cheered me up Keletigui et ses Tambourinis - La Bicyclette, good luck finding that one!!

At the time I used to buy lots of music but my wife never kept count, whilst I was in hospital 20+ CDs arrived, fortunately my wife found it really funny.

headwayukAdministrator in reply to sealiphone

Would you believe it, it's actually on Spotify! Great uplifting song :)

sealiphone in reply to headwayuk

The curse of Spotify, you can no longer boast about your ultra obscure collection.

Initially all sound was painful noise.

Later I turned to Fleetwood Mac and their Albatross. I still couldn't handle words as an extra string of information to try to process but I found that this tune helped me focus on my breathing.

That, in turn, improved my patience and mood (very helpful for future work).

As I've said before Monty Python's Always look on the bright side of life has sustained me through many dark moods.

Well all types depending on mood. From vivaldi to pink Floyd with chill out in the middle.

But the one I turn back to is R.E.M's everybody hurts. Previous to my bi I had found this song a little morbid. Now I find it uplifting.


I only listen to chant and choral music now, its on in the background mostly all day, Hildagard Von Bingen is a favorite.

As I entered in to the depths of depression, my saving grace was listening to Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' and Buddha bar music - all genres. I now turn my radio to classical, chant or radio 4.

'I Giorni' composed and played by Ludovico Einaudi.

I love all genres of music : Pop, Rock, Classical, Choral etc., et.,

But since my brain haemorrhage 'I Giorni' is one piece which truly makes my heart sing.

Its simplicity and clarity is the perfect 'medicine' for my brain, especially at times of stress, as there are no demanding lyrics or messages............just beautiful, melodic piano music which translates, for me, into a private language of reassurance and total compatibility, not attainable anywhere else in life.

Cat x

I listen to a lot of easy jazz music or classic rat pack. It helps keep me calm and focused. I also listen to meditation music that helps in a huge way.

I listen to classical, especially piano, baroque and opera. I find them the most relaxing. I'm still building up to listening to Andrea Bocelli though as I was listening to his cd whenever I had the car accident last year that nearly killed me.

Pat-rick1 in reply to Lynnepitt

Im listening to Justin timberlakes new album it’s good

Everytype that reminds me of the good times of my life. 60s because the music had just become modern. 70s for my army life. The first half of the 80s. Then things went into the rubbish and have really stayed that way since. That was when I had my BI , and my life changed so much I felt as my life had ended. Nowadays it's country and western, folk, and certain classical music. We all have our likes and dislikes. Dave


Hi everyone,

What a brilliant selection of songs - thanks so much for getting involved. We can't wait to put this together for our campaign and hope to arrive at a playlist that describes life after brain injury in its own way.

Keep the ideas coming!



Sleep by max Richter. 8 hours of soothing tune to sleep to.

Sam Roberts Band ox

Amazing guys


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