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woman on the edge - another epic fail

it is hot; I am suffering (as are we all).

I decided a simple poached egg on toast would be lovely for my lunch... all good so far

The toast was done perfectly and buttered sat on the plate waiting for my perfectly done poached egg. (amazingly if you saw my previous posting on what I can do to a poached egg)

So .... I pour the water all over my toast and chuck the eggs down the sink!!!!!

Too hot to try again once I had stopped laughing as I yet again mopped the kitchen where the egg water had gone looking forlornly at my eggs now solid and blocking up the sink.

Yet another epic fail :-) I hope it makes you laugh and chuckle as it is a lot better than crying

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Amazing, Pixie your days sound so wonderful if frustrating for you, it's the type of thing I really have to think hard about, or I would be in the same position, laughter is our greatest gift, take care Love Janet xx


That sounds like the sort of thing I used to do, these days it's more like i get the Veggies done and when they're ready I end up finding I forgot about the meat! Oh and my smoke alarm is a useful reminder that I'm cooking ;-)


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