Update on the update

Just a a post to let you know of the reaction of the first ( and last) client after my advemtures in decorating.

Called down to mums to see if she liked the results. Found her in tears and I was in a panic . After she had calmed down and ashured me she had not been mugged or robbed I found out the reason.

Apparantley she thought I was only doing the walls and hadnt expected all the gloss work doing. So the tears were of joy , god I could kill her for scaring me .

The result is one very happy mum and for a moment my aches and pains seem to fade...for a while anyway.

Just wish I had realised that it was only the walls that needed doing. Ah well its done now and I have got a happy mum as well.

The moral...I suppose there is one but for the life of me I cant think of one .


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  • Hi Pax,

    There is one mate its called the result of giving: Fantastic.

  • I agree with MXman. I used to do all my mum's decorating ; she wasn't a lovey-dovey type, so it was a way of showing my love & gratitude for all she'd done for me without embarrassing her !

    Good work Pax !! xx

  • Hi Paxo, you're a star...no moral but actions speak louder than words. K

  • Ahhhhhh Pax,

    This got me giggling! Well done you, you trooper! Sounds like a good job all round if you ask me! :)


  • Bless you Pax !

    You have certainly gone the extra mile - what a lovely surprise for your Mum : ) x

  • aaawww

  • How lovely! It's great when you can make a difference for someone.

    Well done

  • paxo your a angel to your mum i would love to be able to decorate but due to a previous b.i i get brain fatigue which makes it harder to do certain jobs like d.i.y and decorating thats why.im glad of there help maybe the surprise you gave your mum was her way of appreciating you help ! take care david

  • Get fatigued as well. I have to do things in short spells plus get physically tired also. Add the odd physical problems also and it means things take a lot longer.

    Things take extra planning plus allowing for recovery time.


  • 'If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well...' 'honour thy father and mother' 'it is better to give than to receive' and that other well known one 'you're a 🌟 Paxo!'

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