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Come on brain! Work!

I've been playing bass guitar for 20+ years but after my injury, although I can pick it up and physically play it, I just don't know why the notes I'm playing fit together. I've tried having some lessons again but it just doesn't sink in. I'm hoping a jam with my band soon will help it come back! Anyone else had similar problems with things they've taken for granted?

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Not quite the same thing and nowhere near as technical, but pre injury I used to be able to juggle for hours. I rarely dropped a ball. Now the concentration I need to juggle for even just a few seconds is so intense that I am utterly exhausted afterwards.

Determination keeps me trying, but it just isn't possible any more. The old skill is still tucked away inside me, but it hides too damned well nowadays.

Oh, and step daughter managed to throw one of my juggling balls on the roof. That REALLY put an end to it


Juggling ? . . . . . . . . . . . Really ??? :o


Yeah, nothing too fancy, I'm not talking flaming clubs here or nine milk bottles. Just three juggling balls in two hands or two in one, for an age. Although there was the one occasion at work with a tape measure, a brick and a Stanley knife; no kidding :)


You never cease to amaze Andy ! Xxxx


I'm like hatt with computers now - spent a fortune getting technicians in to sort it out time and time again. All the websites seem to have been revamped as well so following instructions and remembering what I've just read I have to do is a no-no cos I can't remember! Even my notebooks with website passwords isn't working for me, I've had to change them so often. Even with the Password protect program Lastpass that I bought and downloaded last Xmas, the websites don't accept them. Google now also seem to use Lastpass, which it didn't when I 1st downloaded LP, that's when everyone here suggested I use a Notebook.

If I'm honest I still think my computer and/or ORANGE internet/telephone has been hacked by the same technician who offered to move all the equipment for me when I moved in March. Now I just think I'm being paranoid, but whatever the reason it all still messes with my brain.


I tried to play guitar again but I couldn't changed chords quickly enough and my left arm tires so quickly that I didn't have the strength to play much. I got a ukulele as the kids have them, they also have bass guitars, semi acoustic and electric as well as electric and acoustic rhythm/lead guitars.

My son plays Metallica on ukulele too! Kids are total metal junkies but daughter played double bass, so plays everything from classical to folk to jazz to metal.

I just started to jam with them and found I couldn't! I started to play band hero on wii just to get both hands working doing something whilst I tried to 'read' the screen music and play it in time, also difficult due to slow processing.

Keep at it till it feels good again :)


It's not the same but I've forgot how to swim again for the 2nd time this year, I went into the pool the other day and was using my arms but my legs would just sink whilst I was moving them, they just wouldn't work, wouldn't go the way I wanted them to go, I'm going to learn how to swim again for the 3rd time in my life lol.

Best of luck for you in the future. :)



I really struggled with my guitar at first. I would be playing and suddenly go blank on what the next chord was. That combined with my left hand feeling like it was bound in a child sized marigold glove made it a challenge.

I found that I had to try and play more instinctively and not concentrate to hard. If i did it would all go a bit to pot.

Lots of practice and working around my limitations (left little finger has a life of its own) I can now entertain myself if no-one else.

Wouldn't be without my guitar.

Stick with it and best of luck.

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I'll definitely be sticking with it! I'm hoping to be gigging sooner rather than later!


that is funny how trelfy1 mentioned bass playing, pleyland, mentioned guitar, and BaronC mentions juggling. I used to be able to play guitar, and juggle 20 years ago, a bit pre injury. I still understand how to do both, but my left hand coordination is impaired, and unfortunately both activities require both hands. I am still able to juggle 2 balls, a couple of times using my right hand, and can manage all basic chords except for B & F, but cannot seem to get my left hand to cooperate. I am thinking about getting a cheap acoustic guitar, for therapy for my left hand. My left hand used to be full contracted, and I understand the glove analogy very well, since my left hand was completely contracted at one time. My old acoustic is now gone, but do you have any suggestions on purchasing an affordable acoustic pleyland. I'm thinking of getting a Fender Squier SA-100 Upgrade acoustic.


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