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Double doctors appointment

I have just come out of hospital after another knee op had three replacements and then a revision knee replacement all on the same knee as the others did not work, still had problems so Mr Spencer Jones had me back in for another operation, he found so much inflammation around the implant and removed it and has taken a piopsy to see why I had so much inflammation.

Because I had more than one thing to talk to my doctor I made a double appointment as if you go and talk to the doctor and speak of more than one thing they tell you to rebook, so a double was necessary. I asked her about my tremor as my hands, leg and head are now shaking, also since my TBI happened my tremor is so much worse. She said “when did you have the accident so I said 2014 and she just dismissed my concerns as to the reasons why my tremor is so much worse. She said “it will just continue to get worse as you get older” (unbelievable.) NO sympathy or understanding I explained to her that I cannot cook or lift hot water and I let her see three burns which I have on my arm after trying to cook a meal last night as my husband is away for a few days. Then I spoke to her about my HRT begging her to allow me to continue taking the pill she said “NO” she said it was my age. I did explain to her that the hot flushes and night sweats were getting me down but she is adamant that I should stop taking them. She said “you could always go private” I left got into my car and cried. I am feeling so down and flustered, I am not sure what I can do? do I move doctors? Surely your doctor should be more understanding and have empathy towards their patients.

Sorry for the ramblings but feeling rather depressed and disappointed.

Again I am sorry Liz x

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Hi Liz

Ask at the surgery for an appointment with a neurologist. They should be able to discuss the tremors and see if anything can be done. I know that long term usage of HRT is not recommended - try going to a herbalist, there are lots of herbal remedies that help with the symptoms of the menopause.

Good luck


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Thanks Jan,

I have seen 3 different neurologist during the last 15 years and they put me on Propranolol, which without I do not think I would be able cope but thanks so much for your reply. Liz xx


Hi Liz. No need to apologise m'love ! It's horrible feeling so let down when you're desperate for help & I've a good idea how you're feeling. My previous GP started off great then turned more & more sour as the years passed, to the point where I'd leave after every appointment shaking with frustration.

I finally made the change and what a relief it was to be heard and not spoken down to (many other patients have since deserted her). I really think you need to find a different doctor too Liz............one who GIVES a damn.

Then ask for a referral to an endocrinologist who might at least discuss your problems with you and determine whether there are neurological elements that can be addressed. I saw an endocrinologist last year to see whether there was treatment available for a really intrusive overheating problem, but the only treatment he could offer was HRT...............which I discontinued 7 years earlier after contracting breast cancer, so wasn't happy about re-starting.

If it were me, I'd start with the change of GP. It's so easily done and can be life-changing for anyone with ongoing health problems. A good doctor will be happy to refer you on, but be prepared for a fair wait ; I waited 8 months to see my present neuro-consultant.

The overheating issue alone is enough to drive you nuts without the knee problems. I really hope you'll find some respite from your issues Liz.................without the need for private healthcare !! Love Cat x


Sorry, maybe seeming a different doctor is necessary. I tend to review my issues online then when I visit the Dr I tell them what I want. Ok my husband goes with me as I cannot talk efficiently.

Good luck


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Hi Mufc,

I did that and took all the information into her but she is still adamant that she is right and everybody else is wrong. I am definitely going to change my doctor so hopefully he or she will reverse her decision. Many thanks for taking the time in replying to me.Liz x


Sorry things did not work out for you. Unfortunately some people have the opinion they are correct regardless of what others think. Your reasoning is important and your Dr should appreciate that.



I would look for a new GP. Blimey! Sorry to hear about this and your other problems.

There is a brilliant hip and knee replacement specialist who works at the Freeman in Newcastle and Nuffield in Newcastle called Jim Holland. If his hip replacements are anything to go by (my mum had one 10 years ago), and it's been great.

Could you also look at trying evening primrose oil and maybe try aromatherapy for the hormonal problems? Complimentary medicine but it's work a try.

Hope things get better soon


Hi Jayne,

I am taking oil of primrose and vitamin b6 but nothing other than HRT work. I am going to change my doctor and hopefully the doctor might change his mind, although I see a lady doctor you would think she would be more understanding. I will also visit the health shop and ask them if they can suggest anything else. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Many Thanks Liz x


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