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Update on how things are going

I wanted to post a week ago but with the problems with the site its probly as well I couldn't, I crashed and burned a week ago, so , back on the antidepressants! I thought I could manage without them, hey ho I was wrong, but I only take them 3 times a week so I'd better be content with that, if they keep me on the straight and narrow, what's to complain about? This hot weather is finally agreeing with me, I seem to have it sussed out, although its too hot for me to take any walks out, that's not a good idea, not on my own anyway. Went to Chester Zoo with my sister and nephew and his wife last Friday, very hot but I managed, it was a great day out. We are off to Turkey next Friday for a week, first family holiday abroad since my illness so I've been glad of this hot weather to acclimatise me, can't wait for days lazing on the beach and someone else to cook for me.

Had 3 consecutive days feeling good(not better, just good), will try not to get too excited, could all change tomorrow! I'm a bit nervous about the flight, but they wouldn't insure me if they thought there was a problem would they? It's a 4 hour flight too, but if there's one thing I'm good at it's sleeping. Time to go take care everyone, Love Janet xx

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Hi m'dear. I wouldn't worry about the anti-depressants........if they help you and you're only taking the minimum amount then...... hey-ho (as you say).....it's absolutely the right thing for you at present.

I'm glad you're coping with the heat, I must admit I've struggled a bit occasionally but I'm ok with it now. As you say, it's good acclimatization for Turkey. You're sounding really positive which is lovely to hear and I hope you have a brilliant week with lots of lazing around and pampering. Love cat XX ;-)


hi its great to hear how ur doing ,ive been worried about holiday insurance but theres one called epileptic uk, n thy are in the process of srting mine out , im not goin till nxt may.i hope you r ok on the flight as thts the bit im worried about , have a great hol as i know from ur posts u deserve one


I'll let you know how it went when I get back, meanwhile take care xxJanet


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