Birthday and Holiday

I'm off to South Africa in two days time, so I hope the weather there is as good as we've been getting. I have my 50th birthday in a few days, so am going over to spend it with my two sons. I must say that birthdays don't really mean much to me any more. Maybe it's because of my TBI. I must say, at least now that I'm older, it's better they don't worry me!

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  • I can't think of a better way of spending a birthday than being with my family. I do understand what you mean about marking another year though ; I have to be reminded when mine comes around again.

    I'm sure your boys will be so happy to see you again, and you them...........have a brilliant time Debs. Oh and 'Happy Birthday' from me ! x

  • Enjoy your trip, an enjoy your birthday :)

  • Have a lovely trip Debbie!

  • Have a fabulous trip and an even more fabulous 50th birthday

  • Thanks to all of you! Xx

  • Have a great trip and enjoy your birthday hope it's as happy as my 50th. How is Widget doing?

    Hugs to you both Vanessa

  • Widge is getting stronger weekly. She is still a bit wobbly, and falls from time to time, but the vet said she may take 6 months to recover. Thanks for the well wishes xx

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