It's here, it's the 15th of June, the sun is shining (sort of), and it's another day of fine living.

It's easy to see the world as a dark and terrible place after experiences like ours, but the world is still as it was, and things can still roll your way.

So I defy you to come up with some things today that you're pleased about. Doesn't just have to be today, anything recent is good!

For example, last night I went to see some friends at the pub, I made it all the way through, had a couple of beers, and it was all in all a great night. Felt like the old days, and it felt like that they're still possible now.

See? Easy enough, post away!

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  • well im going to a family fun day its only for a couplee of hours fingers crossed i'll make it through wish me luck:)

  • That's great to hear! I made it back and forth from uni today, and I'm still ticking

  • Come on people there must be something you're pleased about.

  • yep i made it too had a fab time am in pain now but its worth it :)

  • Go you :)

    Chalk that one down.

  • i will:)

  • Went shopping with my son and daughter, no mean feat, but had some laughs and it does feel good to do the normal things, today is my friends 80th birthday so lunch out coming up too:-)

  • Carrying bags and paying attention to stuff is great, I can do that now, even if it does feel like I'm on another planet.

  • Hmm, I think that this counts. Headway suggested that I started reading, among other tasks, and the first book I picked up was one of letters to the editor of the Telegraph, where I learned to not stand behind Satan at the Post Office as the Devil takes many forms. Probably a very old joke but it still is making me laugh a couple of days on.

  • It all counts, if you couldn't brush your teeth the other day and you start today then you win.

  • hee hee.not heard this defo raised a guffaw or more.cheers.

  • faberlicious n well jel .glad u had a great time .isn't it amazin is only ickle titsy pleasures what we see as major but i darent actually go out to pub coz by time i manage 2 get myself out of front door and hauke mesell into family car me eyelids r closing n these days we really have to rationalize wither is worth all the effort.this is why i say well jelous.not even worth me while trekking 40 miles 2 local vue cinema.sposed to be excellent & is 4 disabled cept disabled parking bays way 2 far away from entrance and usually filled with " alleged disabled " using their relatives badges even tho they are not in vehicle??? plus once u get ur tickets from the refreshments counter you get to actual screen(s) via flat walk but once inside in the dark u have to somehow get ur self and or scooter /chair up 6 steps??? whats that all about.but rather than complain to vue head office we will be more than happy 2 w8 till the dvd comes out.but really pleased u got out n had a grand time.XX keep the faith.let us all know when u get another chance,u could start a blog.

  • Always worth the effort, it's all recovery, best of luck.

  • Every day I wake up, my first thought is "great" another day, what can we do today. My life has turned up some nasty moments, and there have been times when I felt that I would never laugh again. But I have never felt like chucking it all in. Life is what you make of it, madness is only a state of mind.

  • Once you have that first terrible day, the rest seem amazing!

  • I have been really enjoying getting out into my garden. Have never really been a gardener before (ex husband was a gardener professionally and used to poo poo all my ideas but never did anything much himself bar mow the grass). So today my "good thing" is that I can see some green shoots starting to come up in the pots I planted with salad leaves. Looking forward to eating them soon :)

  • I bought I bonsai tree. It's still alive, which is good for me.

  • There you go. Try doing that more often, even if these things make you tired.

    For example I went to the cinema the other day, couldn't really pay attention, but the point is that I went. That's a step in the right direction.

  • had a 10 year recovery from a mild traumatic brain injury. has been more of an endurance alone but seeing all the you tube etc can see its quite common to have been someone and lose everything 20's to 40's is quite a gap when you cant imagine or have hopes for your future. today is square one for me. feel ok, alot better but where do you start without all that educational skill you aquired over life. I suppose its about finding things you can do and hoping people will like you just as much. without the easy identity most people are when meeting people.

  • Don't worry about other people, just work on yourself and they'll come your way :)

    You can still get educated, there's plenty of programmes out there.

  • To be honest, every day I keep thinking how lucky I am. My balance is far from perfect, but I cope, fine; I am officially 'blind', but I'd just say I'm partially-sighted (although I most certainly can't drive anymore); my speech sounds blurred to me, but everyone else says it is fine (and hey, I am a university lecturer, and there have been no complaints from the students!). I constantly think well, I was unlucky to have that accident in 2005, but I am really lucky to have recovered as well as I have done.

    Today's 'lucky' thing is, hey, I went into town, and coming home on the bus was free. I get money off my train tickets, with my 'Disabled Person's Railcard'; and I have a disabled card for the buses, so they are free.

  • Sorry to hear about your eyesight :( you seem to have a good handle on things though.

    Little "perks" take the edge off at least, I get my pills free, which would cost a fortune otherwise with the amount I'm on.

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