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What a day


What a day. Had appointment at dentist to have a bad molar removed after it had become infected with an abscess. Dropped into chemist before hand for something for my chesty cough. They told me i had an infection and see doctor.

I raced to doctors and asked them if i could see one urgently for antibiotics. They put me on the list.

Raced to dentist for tooth extraction. It wasnt playing me up so we decided not to take it out.

Walking back to doctors and a roof tile smashed to the ground missing me by about a foot.

Got to doctors and he examined me to then tell me i have acute broncitis (not just normal. Mine was cute).

Im now on more antibiotics.

I was getting funny looks as i was only there yesterday to get referred to an endocrinologist.

The doctor i saw today was a decent doctor who agreed with me about the endocrinologist.

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Oh no what a day......

Hope today is better and that the antibiotics are working and the tooth is staying calm. x

Sounds eventful. Cute bronchitis :-). . Shame it makes you cough like something else.

Good job that roof tile missed you, might not be needing the endocrinologist if it got the head. Wrap up warm and wear a saucepan on you head when going out today.

spideyman in reply to TC1979

I went voluntary working today. The antibiotics kicked in and i dont even cough. Just feels like a tight bandage round my chest every now and again.

Initially i was just going to get cough mixture.

Who says guys arent tough? LOL

Got funny looks though with a saucepan on my head

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