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Something went well at last!

Yippee:my broken tooth is fixed!

After all my moaning (and suicidal depression) just thought I'd share something nice. It suddenly broke a while ago (I'm useless on time and dates) and jagged sharp bit of silver filling rubbed my tongue and made it sore, hurt to talk, eat and even drink water.

Was terrified of going to dentist (in real panic before) but resigned myself, trust, no choice and WOW: he kind, gentle, careful and fixed it. Such a massive relief. And it looked really horrid too - at front.

Such a shame everybody can't get good protective dentistry and fixes when needed for free. Health systems and what's covered are way too complicated and if you're poor you just can't afford crowns, white fillings and hygienist.

Maybe they should all say dental health is important and catching problems early saves more money, patient pain and resources in the long run and make it simple? Then fewer people would need antibiotics, that'd help prevent resistance to them (mega problem now) and no/far fewer things like dentures, bridges and root canal ops. ?

Dentists (I think are only paid per procedure so if they take care and it takes a bit more time then they lose out so incentive is to rush which my dentist in 2006 (?) did when doing crown and she messed it totally, I have to live with that but she was paid. Maybe they should get paid after a bit of time when checked with us that they did it well and all OK, payment by results with real outcomes noted and audited? Then poorly-performing dentists would be picked up and retrained = better for everyone?

Amazing how a 'little' thing like that makes such a huge difference.

THANKYOU nice dentist for fixing me, removing the pain, preventing infection and for helping remove my fear of dentists !!!

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Hi Muddled

Glad you have found a nice dentist and even more glad you have got your painful tooth sorted :)


Hi muddled glad to hear you had a positive experience with your dentist :)

I was due to have a bridge fitted a week after my accident and it still makes me laugh now that I managed in a rare moment of lucidity to call from the hospital to cancel

When I told them a had a fractured vertebrae and a skull fracture and that's why I wouldn't be attending they were shocked to say the least

I hav no memory of doing it but the dentists recorded it and asked me how I was when I had to get antibiotics recently AMAZING!

My old dentist bodged a root canal and fractured my tooth which later fell out hence the bridge

My dentist is amazing and very reassuring :)

Emma x


That made me laugh Emma. Apparently I rang work and said I wouldn't be in tomorrow but should be ok for my next shift - I had been unconscious for 3 weeks and already missed a lot of shifts by then! :)



Yours was pretty funny too ;)



I called work too and said I might be late for my next shift.... It was recorded as I worked in air traffic. I've no memory of it at all!

Strange how we still hold onto our commitments like that.

I didn't get back to the next shift for months, then after a week it was decided I was no fit to work!


Glad you had a good experience - I am so grateful for my NHS dentist, (old school) treats me as a person and does his best for me. Recently had a tooth out and had to return to get something smoothed out as it was jagged and uncomfortable. So grateful it is all sorted.

You are right, no incentive for NHS dentists to do preventative work at all. NHS generally works on waiting until something goes wrong and treating, rather than investing in prevention in dentistry and medical care.




Thank goodness you got it fixed, nothing worse than toothache!


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