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Is anyone else out there low-FODMAPing?

I'm diagnosed coeliac, lactose intolerant, IgAD and Vit D deficient. Despite very strict diet I've still been repeatedly ill, bubbly tummy, toilet dashes, fatigue, etc for quite a while. I thought it could be fructose intolerance.

I started following low-FODMAP pre-Christmas and have noticed a MASSIVE difference. Most days I don't even think about my stomach anymore! :)

Anyone else out there doing it who can share their experiences?

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Not needed to do this myself - for those who don't know what FODMAP is see for a fairly good explanation.


Thanks for the post sassyl. We were pleased to see FODMAP mentioned on the Channel 4 Food Hospital programme recently. How are you following the diet? Are you working alongside a dietitian?

Having had a very bad Xmas day (suspected due to 'FODMAP' Brussel Sprouts) we're keen to try the FODMAP ourselves too. For just as you explain - bloating, fatigue, aches, low vit D have also plagued many of us in the team since diagnosis.

Do share your experiences.


Brussels Sprouts are always a killer!

I saw the same programme and then found some more info online. There's really interesting website here on it, as there seems to be lots of confusion over what is and isn't high Fructose. It's all to do with the amount of fructose relative to glucose, as glucose helps the fructose absorb.

There's a link on here to Details of Low Fructose Diet. This is what I'm following, which started as an experiment for a couple of days. I am utterly amazed how much better I feel after about 6 days of running the veg stock down, then following it strictly for about 4 days now. The constant 'butterfly bowels' have gone, I'm sleeping better because I'm not being kept awake by grumbles, more energy, no toilet dashes! Amazing!

Of course, I'm off to the doc this week to get his opinion and a referral to the dietician as the diet is so restrictive and I think it would be better to talk it through with someone and maybe test some of the FODMAP types. I was like a lost sheep in Sainsbury today, trying to shop without buying any food, back to those early coeliac days!

My history is coeliac diagnosis 10 years ago, lactose intolerance self-diagnosed about 7 or 8 years ago (returning symptoms etc), IgAD diagnosis about 6 years ago by gastro-ent, and Vit D deficiency diagnosis in November. Also have asthma, hay fever and a collection of strange allergies, including nickel, fabric glue, jos sticks, washing powders and my favourite, hamster poo!!! Is my immune system trying to tell me something?


I saw programmes - anyone else shouting at the TV when the dietitian keeps recommending 'whole grains' as a cure all? I can't count the times I was told (pre-diagnosis) to eat whole grains.

Actually I love Brussel sprouts and I am not windy! I wouldn't eat them with root veg though. They are such a nutritious food. There are also ways of cooking them that reduce the effect (I once read to cook them with a bit of potato but have never tried it). My overseas friend uses a digestive aid "Beano" to help digest beans and 'windy' veg, and it seems to work.


Brussel sprouts - as Michael McIntyre calls them: "Fart bombs" :)


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