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Does anyone else get sudden tiredness/ weakness?

This has been happening for about 6 years. Now and then (maybe 3 or 4 times in 1 month) I get a sudden tiredness like all my energy levels drop and I have to put my head down for 10 minutes. Normally I'm fit and active, and I have an on-the-go job and attitude to life in general. After 10 minutes I bounce back to 100%, it's like it never happened.

I've started having a sugary drink or carbs to perk myself up when it hits, but it does unnerve me that it happens at all!

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It may be a daft Q sassyl but do you get your blood tested regularly for vitamin deficiencies, including D and B12 and your iron and ferratin levels? Have you had a thyroid function test?

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Hi Irene,

Yes, all of the above were done. Thyroid levels are bang in the middle of normal, excellent iron and ferratin levels and vits - doc could see nothing wrong (again!).


Hi Sassyl, everything goes in cylces including our energy levels. And usually we feel tired and lack energy because it's mid morning or mid afternoon and we are bewteen meals. Or because we have just eaten and our bodies switch off to an extent so that we can digest our food hence some people have an afternoon nap after lunch.

I asked my specialist to test me for diabeties because I would suddenly go ''low' and feel that I could barely function and then wham bounce back with a vengeance so yup it's very unerving. For me the test for diabeties was negative but it opened another can of worms as they found I had inflamed kidneys. Coeliac also suffer other autoimmune disorders including Lupus which makes our immune system attack our kidneys and causes temporary or pseudo diabeties.

Also many coeliac take med's regularly like codeine and this can make us very woozy. So I'd check out any med's that you take, if any and keep a record of what time of day this suden tiredness occurs with relation to meals and med's.Then go back to your Dr armed with this info and ask for answers and

ask for relevant tests. Because this has been going on for 6 years it's not just a funny 5 mins, no pun intended.


Its been happening to me for years. I just suddenly get so tired and weary and have to put my head down and like you it wears off after 15 minutes or so. I think it may be when I have inadvertently eaten some gluten for lunch. I also have under active thyroid, liver inflammation and arthritis as well as the CD. All diagnosed within the last 5 years but with hindsight the CD been there all my life. MY 2 children have CD as well. It is unnerving because it is so hard to stop myself falling asleep when this happens and if I'm at work it is really bad.


why do I get o tired all of a sudden


Hi mercedes83, the reason that most of us and us being coeliac get tired is due to anaemia and as this post is 4 years old I know you would get a better response from all members if you made a new post giving a few more details.

I hope this helps and we're a friendly bunch,



I know you had the test done already. But you might want to stick to the path of the thyroid and blood sugar. Sometimes they don't catch it. Even after a few times.

Good Luck. I suffer from the same problem. I just learned to deal with it. They keep saying there's nothing wrong


..its probably not great to have sugary snacks or drinks at this point, as it can encourage more spikes and dips in your blood sugar. Something medium release might be better eg a banana with a mix of starch and simple fruit sugars will give you a more gentle hit without leaving you with a crash afterwards. I usually grab a handful of nuts or a rice cake when i feel like this and find that's enough but maybe that's not quick enough for you...


I get like this when my Vitamin B12 levels are down, have you had your checked?


Hi all,

Had my bloods done again last week and waiting for results. Just want to have a clear answer now. Will bear your thoughts in mind.

SarahB, I know Lucozade is not the most healthy option, but I've tried low GI solutions (& frequent small meals, etc) and it doesn't have an effect. Even though I continue with frequent low GI eating I still get these dips.

Anne, yes unnerving! Especially when I am teaching!!!

Jerry, I'm not on other meds, but your mention of pseudo-diabetes made sense; I can see lots of similarities with diabetes symptoms.

Awaiting bloods and more investigations!!


Results just in....

Vitamin D deficiency! Am going onto pills to reset my system and hopefully that will be the end of it. After reading up on the deficiency it does seem to affect coeliacs widely, so if you have similar symptoms maybe worth a check, as it's not a normal part of the yearly coeliac check-up.


Hi Sassyl, a lot of weaknessalso happens if you have a washroom in the North East of your house  ,this is as per best Vastu Practices, I had a Washroom in my North east zone and when i took off the WC from there  and covered the outlet with a lid and started using it only for Bathing purpose my weakness is completely gone, you should never have a WC in the North east zone of your house. 

this is a proven fact , A north east zone toilet in the house leads to a lot of weakness in body and also leads  to unnecessary surgeries. 

tk care !


Hello sassyl: I have the same problem as you. Sudden total energy loss. Only lasts a few minutes. I also put my head down and just let it roll over me. Nothing else I can do. are you still on this web site?


Hi Sassyl Yeast makes you drowsy when you are allergic or intolerant to it. But get to doctor to be on safe side. Accidents can happen when your are


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