Does anyone else have this?

I have been gluten free for about five months now. Gluten was giving me a huge belly like a pregnant woman. Times I've been glutened I get a bad head and I feel anxious for two days

Even tho I'm gluten free now if I eat anything other than fruit and vegetables my belly and around my ribs are constantly swollen. Has anyone else had this?

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  • Sorry to hear this. I'm new to the whole celiac and gluten needs... maybe it's cross contamination somewhere? Or I've heard stuff likes soaps and purfums can have gluten in it? Maybe you've come into contact with it in ways you didn't know. I hope you feel better soon hun

  • I've changed all my products to gluten free

  • Have you eaten anything accidental that had gluten in it without you knowing? One time I was out somewhere and thought something that was suppose to be gluten free was marked wrong and I had a big cramp that made it hard to move around. I hope you feel better soon.

  • I ate two gluten free products and my stomach went huge and I had gluten effects

  • Could well be the additives found in many ready-made gluten-free products, such as emulsifiers, cellulose and gum.

  • I hope not I love my food

  • Either make sure your food does not contain these additives, or make your own.

  • I've been filling my head full of research on celiac lately, as much as I can around my crazy brain, maybe only absorbing about 20% of what I've read. But I do recall something about not all gluten free food is actually gluten free, sometimes it has small traces of gluten and diff places have different rules on how much gluten is in it to be called free from.

    I'm sure a Google search could pull that info up if it's needed. Sorry if I'm not helpful.

  • Two gluten free foods have affected me before

  • Sorry to hear that.

    I've chatted with my man and we think that once I start my GF diet, after all tests are done (not gonna wait for results), then I'll stick just too fruits, veggies, clean meats (home cooked) and maybe try rice once a week and can have milk fine but I'll avoid fatty cheeses. But I'm not gonna get free from foods cos I want to get my body back to a purely no gluten state, then I can experiment with diff foods and see how sensetive I am then.

    Had a busicuit this morning for breakfast, boy did I regret that. Can't believe I never saw this food pattern before! Feel so stupid.

    I hope all goes well for you. I like getting preportioned frozen veggies (birds eye are often on special offer) and then when I'm hungry I'll pop a bag in the microwave for 3/4mins and then add a nice healthy nutricios snack. I'll be doing this alot more often over the coming months, might be handy for you? You can add peppers or cocoa nibs for added taste if you like :)

  • Thank you. I hope it goes well

  • Could it be you are also intolerant of something else as well as gluten? I believe all grains, dairy and soy are also common irritants and can be ingredients in all sorts of things.

  • I'm vegan so I haven't had dairy for years and I have a citrus allergy so I'm running out of foods

  • Many coeliacs have issues with other foods too so do a food diary, for at least a couple of weeks & see what sets you off. It can certainly be the ff foods with the additives or it can be the other grains/starches like rice, potato, corn. Also like the other lady mentioned dairy & soy common problems. once you discover which is the problem, cut it out, let your body heal, which can take a long time, then slowly reintroduce the problem food to see if you can tolerate it again. The healing cantake a couple of years!

  • So later the food could stop irritating me?

  • Yes but after quite some time like I say & I am talking years not months & after doing a specific healing plan for your gut, obv if you are a coeliac, then it goes without saying you can't reintroduce gluten.

  • I have 'fat days' - where I haven't eaten anything that I know has gluten in it, I make all my own stuff too. For example today is a fat day, I think the reason may be gammon I bought and cooked from the supermarket. The ingredients there are g/f - do they take into account any possible additives I wonder? I am also intolerant of soaps. Problem I find are dieticians and doctors often (in my experience, 4 years G/f) know less than you do, which I find quite startling. So I often now experiment on my own with things. All the best, I hope you get yourself sorted,

  • Thank you

  • If it's not anything else, could it be a reaction to the fruit and vegetables?

    I'm not diagnosed coeliac but am very gluten-intolerant and have been strictly gluten-free for more than five years, and recently I'm not great with peppers, aubergines and tomatoes (mild stomach ache, mental fuzziness and bloating). People who do the autoimmune paleo diet avoid nightshades because they irritate your gut, so I'm wondering if this might be connected (and seriously hoping not as I don't want to give up anything else!).

    I've heard there can also be issues with fructose absorbance for coeliacs, which might be worth looking into with relation to the fruit.

    That said, almost every time I feel I have an issue with something else, it turns out to be hidden gluten, so make sure there aren't any wheat/barley derivatives in things you're eating (chocolate and sweetened soya/rice milks caused me lots of problems), and be aware that a lot of technically gluten-free processed food is not strictly free of gluten...

  • I'm ok when I just eat fruit and vegetables it's when I eat anything else. I'm the same I haven't had the test

  • Swelling? My gastroenterologist said it's something to do with coeliac disease creating a spastic colon - waste not moving through quickly enough. That makes sense because before my diagnosis I had too many movements a day and gut was flat. Post diagnosis you might be low on pre-pro biotics - bowel bacteria needed, so worth considering supplementation. In fact there is ongoing research in Australia relating to coeliacs having low good gut bacteria. Make sure you consume vitamin D too (there are links about this on Gluten Free Guerrillas from Fiona years ago.)

    GF processed foods need additives to replicate gluten and as such they expand in the gut. Depends upon how well you are recovering from the damage - on my last biopsy I still had unrecovered damage after several years.

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