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Are there gluten free bran sticks out there please?


Hi All

On a normal diet I was always very regular, because I used to top up with a good portion of all-bran sticks every day with cereal.

Now that I'm gluten free, I find I am not so regular.

So, has anyone come across GF oat bran sticks or similar please?



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I found this a problem when I first found out I was coeliac. I take psyllium husk every morning, plus enormous quantities of veg in my diet. Between the two, this keeps me "going". I buy my psyllium husk from, and I take a teaspoonful first thing in the morning in very dilute fruit juice. I have tried the psyllium husk powder that I buy for gluten free baking, but I found it harder to mix and to drink.Most of the substitute carbohydrate foods seem to be lower fibre than the wheat-based foods we used to eat. I have been much better (and feel healthier) since I stopped buying ready-made gluten free food and started cooking everything for myself, using wholefoods. The processed stuff is very low fibre and high sugar, and both are factors in the constipation problem.


Thanks very much for your reply.

I tried psyllium husk powder when I started the GF diet 15 months ago.

And yes it did work but what alarmed me was that all my motion came out in one 'long rope', instead of the usual way - so I stopped it.

And yes like you, I do eat lots of fruit and veg and that certainly helps.

Plus, I also eat the base and leaves of the cauli and the base of the broccoli and mango skins!

It's just very occasionally I get constipated, maybe once a month or so, so was looking for GF bran sticks, if available.

As I used to enjoy the crunchy texture of the non GF all bran with my cereal!



I haven't found anything like bran sticks unfortunately.

I too eat every part of my veg - cauli stems etc, and very rarely peel anything - but mango skin is something I haven't tried!

You might find that ground flaxseeds or physillum husk (Holland and barratt sell this as "colon care") would help - both are great for helping regularity.

Alpsholiday in reply to Cooper27

Thanks for thatI shall look at ground flaxseed

Not psyllium as I got an unusual result!



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