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Does anyone else have sore/stiff neck/throat as part of coeliac symptoms?

I find it uncomfortable to swallow sometimes, also recently been diagnosed with asthma too, my GP thinks is caused by acid reflux as heartburn is a problem when I eat wheat etc I have had migraines for years, arthritis, fatigue, memory probs and unable to concentrate or take in information. I feel teary and low, and have finally got my GP to do blood tests for coeliac rather than antidepressants and acid inhibiting drugs. I will get the results next week. Sorry for the long post, but I'm feeling a bit worried and overwhelmed right now.

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Hi Rubydoo, Firstly, may I welcome you to the forum. You have come to the right place as your can ask as many questions as you like and hopefully one or more of our members will do there very best to answer you. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly.

Everything that you have mentioned above can be linked to coeliac disease. It affects everyone differently and many people have the symptoms that you mention even feeling teary, low, overwhelmed and anxious. It is important though to carry on and be tested to confirm the diagnosis.

When first either finding out that you are coeliac or gluten intolerant or even allergic to one particular food item it is often difficult to believe that something that everyone eats can be so damaging.

I hope that you will feel a little better soon. In the meantime, good luck with your appointment next week.


I'm not coeliac but am gluten intolerant. Until this was diagnosed I felt awful my throat ached, I felt tired all the time as well as my stomach feeling bloated and after eating anything with wheat in it. I was tested for coeliac disease but it came back negative. Nevertheless, since going gluten free I feel so much better. I still feel tired though I think that has more to do with me having to get up at 5.30am during the week! Once you've had your test go gluten free and just see if it helps.


Does it feel like you have a lump in your throat sometimes when you swallow? Your other symptoms also sound like some of them could be thyroid related to me. Have you had yours checked? If so, get your results and post them on the thyroid uk forum and someone will help you. Just because a doc says your test was 'normal' does not mean you don't have a thyroid problem. Its worth investigating this as a possibilty.Take care xx


I was going to say the same - have they checked your thyroid and your iron levels too? My thryoid is okay (probably), but my iron levels were on the floor and that affects how your body uses thyroid hormones. When it my iron levels were very low, I started to have trouble swallowing. Deficiencies are common in people with coeliacs or other digestive problems unfortunatley.


Thank you for the replies, much appreciated.

They are testing for coeliac, thyroid and iron.

It doesn't feel like a lump in my throat as such, more like stiffness inside the throat at the base of my neck, but not always in the same place.

I get bloating, diarrhoea, and joint pain as well as the above, but not abdominal pain thankfully.

I am wondering if my results will be reliable however, as now that I have read more about coeliac disease, I now know that I should have carried on eating gluten in the weeks before the test, but there's not much I can do about that now, just wait and see.

Thanks again for your replies, it's nice to have somewhere to go for support where people understand.


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