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Anyone else, found eating Meat worsens digestive symptoms?

I used to be vegetarian a good long time ago but went back to eating meat with my husband when we first met. I have obvious issues with gluten and am allergic to dairy products but although I still had residual problems didn't have any idea what was causing them.

Due to ethical reasons I decided to stop eating meat again and to be honest my diet has been healthier and I have been eating more regularly as I actually have an appetite again which I haven't had for the last 2 years, but since cutting out meat, my gut issues have calmed right down, I am not getting anywhere near the amount of pain and bloating that I did previously.

Has anyone else gone from an omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet and noticed any improvement in their residual symptoms or am I just odder than I realised?

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Hi carrie78.

Is this all meat or just certain types? If you're allergic to dairy, is it possible that you're getting some contamination in processed meats? (Though I'm assuming if you're gf you must also be a label-reader.) Maybe you've developed an allergy to certain meats? I did a quick google but couldn't get a straight answer about whether or not a dairy allergy predisposes an adult to a beef allergy.

You've given me some food for thought because I'm eating more meat now than ever (I also have a reduced appetite and sometimes meat and eggs are all I want) after years of very little meat. I wonder if it's the meat that's affecting my appetite.

Good to have found out what's causing your discomfort though. Glad you're feeling better.


Meat does reduce appetite. When i did the atkins diet years ago it was mostley meat and in the end i just wasn't hungry.


Thanks for the reply Hollyann, I really do not know if it was specific types of meat that was causing the issue, I did not eat any processed meat as I think they are simply vile, we a te fresh beef chicken lamb and turkey and very occasionally pork, which I knew could disagree with me at times. {Pork gave me cramps and gas and was told it was just hard to digest. I have also stopped eating fish which I used to eat so at the moment it would be difficult to pin point which meats were the issue.

I aam not sure if there is any connection between dairy and beef allergies, I have been intolerant of egg but after giving them up for a period then reintroducing eggs in very small amount in baked good I seem to tolerate them as long as I do not eat many of them so it could possibly be connected to chicken?

I am also glad that I have found a culprit and aim on making sure I do not eat any meat for some time, though it does fascinate me if it is specific meats that do it. I feel for you, it may well be the increase in meat consumption that has caused your recent troubles but this is certainly a new one to me so I wouldn't be taking my advice too seriously just now until we find some more about it. I do suffer with IBS so of course that is a major contributing factor but the more I read the more I understand that IBS is linked to food intolerances rather than causing them.


I used to be vegertarian for years until like you i met my other half and started eating meat. My stomach not long after started causing me problems whether this was just a coincidence i don't know. Ive not been diagnosed as coeliac but have hashimotos so have cut out gluten and dairy as all my stomach problems started first - nausea, pain, constipation, being sick, etc. Once i stopped eating them the nausea stopped and constipation too. I do get pain still though although not as bad. However i know that my stomach works very slowly for whatever reason and i'm still not well now with fatigue (to do with hashimotos or not) and as meat takes a long time to digest, maybe this could be part of the problem? I eat bascially vegan but i do eat fish and now and again abit of meat but when i eat meat it never feels right in my stomach? Answer to self = probably stop eating it! I have just started taking digestive enzymes so i am hoping this might help abit. So no your not odd, or if you are, we are odd together!


Thank you Gemlen, that is very interesting. I am not diagnosed as coeliac either but have a severe reaction to gluten in any form, I have ME and Fibromyalgia and severe IBS as well as migraines, cluster headaches, eczema, asthma and other misdemeanour's. I feel they a re all related in some way and it has been an ongoing battle to calm my digestive system, mine is also incredibly sluggish and I went for a colonoscopy and it took 2 litres of moviprep and an enema to get any clearance and there was still food in there that hadn't passed and I was told I had a very slow digestive system, but I take morphine for pain which i renowned for causing constipation.

You could be right and that it is simply fermenting due to the lack of motility and this is what is causing the troubles, either way it seems an idea to avoid it


Hi, when I was first diagnosed There were very few GF foods to be bought so it was all fresh meat. fish, veg and fruit and even now if I ever feel a bit iffy I revert to a basic foods diet and feel great. I do find a very high protein diet suits my guts better than a high veg one. Maybe we are all just different and need to work out what suits each one of us best


I am Ceoliac and can only eat chicken without getting a reaction.


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