Naproxen - have you been prescribed it as a coeliac?

It can be hard to know what drugs are safe for pain relief as a coeliacs as we're obviously keen to avoid things which can be harsh on the stomach. What NSAID/ COX inhibitor drugs have doctors prescribed for you & have you found OK for pain relief? Have you been prescribed Naproxen and found it OK or has it caused stomach problems for you?


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  • Hi Fiona, I was given Naproxen a few months ago for a frozen shoulder but was also given Omeprazole to counteract any stomach problems. They didnt really do anything for me so was put on Arcoxia, have had no problems with either apart from the fact that neither really seemed to help that I would notice...Have been coeliac 3 years.

  • Thanks Charliek - have you made any progress with the frozen shoulder since then?

  • Have had the frozen shoulder since february, and just went on tuesday to the hospital for full diagnosis. Was given a steroid injection which has helped enormously with the pain and due to go back in 2 weeks for a nerve block...but it can take up to 2 years to get full movement back!!!!

  • I was diagnosed as Coeliac in January after suffering from chronic fatigue and joint pain for about six months. Although my fatigue has improved slightly (probably due to my iron levels returning to somewhere near normal after taking supplements) the joint pain is still a major problem.

    I have been tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus and endless other potential causes, but still no answers yet. I also tested very low for Vit D and am taking supplements for that too.

    I was initially prescribed Amitriptyline for pain/insomnia and that took the edge off the pain. Then I was also prescribed Naproxen with Lansoprazole as a stomach protector - and I had a wonderful ten day stretch of no pain, but then it all crept back in. I am now taking Nabumetone in the hope that it would be more effective, but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case (yet)!

  • Nice to see we're not the only coeliacs with this problem. Strangely my GP has never offered to prescribe any stomach protectors when I've had naproxen - despite my asking about any impact on the stomach. Hmm.

    Have you asked about vitamin D injections? Often with low levels a few booster injections are needed to get levels up. I have to say that after a few of those my low energy and aches really improved. Have you been tested to exclude any other Ai like RA or Lupus which can cause inflammation?

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