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Does anyone have these symptoms if they have Gluten

- bumpy skin on arms, top of chest, back of thighs?

- itching

- torso temp very hot / sweating

- stiff feeling in joint in arms, back of knees etc


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Hi Silvers,

I have some of the same symptoms, the sweating is my first sign of being glutened. I think we all have very differing symptoms. Mine include persistent conjunctivitis, sinusitis, sweating, mouth ulcers and a permanently sore tongue as well as the usual nausea/bloating/diarrhoea. I also have pain and stiffness, but as I have RA it's normal for me. Throw in insomnia, exhaustion and anaemia and you've got a party!! What a delight this disease is ;-)

Best wishes to you.


Hi Silvers, aye, I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis and all those symptoms sound familiar to me. Along with the mouth ulcers, bloating, issues going to the loo, night sweats, problems sleeping, etc etc. I don't necessarily get them all at the same time, or even all of them each time I'm glutened... It's a one-day-at-a-time battle! Keep finding new things that set me off... Good luck with your own journey!


Yes, I too get a lot of itching and lumpy skin on my arms. I have osteoporosis so pain in my limbs is just normal for me. I do exercise and weight bearing exercises which helps, Like other replies, the symptoms come out of the blue. I have weeks when I feel fine but if I consume anything with gluten, it sets off what I have described.


Thanks so much for your replies. I did miss out quite a few like bloating and toilet issues. I have an underactive thyroid and also autoimmune liver issues..... so quite complicated!! I am going to try and go on a raw food diet but it is difficult in this cold weather...... maybe I should move somewhere sunny lol. Had appoint with GP and pointed out the following which mentions tthyroid and liver issues so managed to get test done today. Thanks again for replies. Sx



Well I received one of my tests back ........ it is the test to see if you have a protein missing I think and it came back negative. Still waiting for the coeliac test to come back which should be Mon or Tuesday..... x


So test came back for coeliac as negative at 0.5 and I am sure GP said anything over 7 means you have coealic. I did ask if I could be gluten intolerant as ate bread today and have been to toilet a number of times (sorry TMI). She said I could be but this would not show up in any test. So thyroid high TSH at over 16 and Vitamin D slightly on low side at 45!! x


Hi Silvers, well in one sense this is good news but there is still a lack of diagnosis so I'd check out Lupus (SLE) please see:

There are articles about the connection as they are both autoimmune disorders and this may interest you:

I think the link between under active thyroid is also interesting and at the end of the day at least you know that a gluten free diet works for you so regardless of a formal diagnosis is worth pursuing to help you recover.

So good luck and I hope that you get a proper diagnosis soon and start to feel better.



Thanks Jerry

I have had a look and wow some people have so many autoimmune issues....... as they say if you have one or are more likely to get more...... I also have autoimmune liver disease called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis........ so quite a number of symptoms crossover with underactive thyroid. I resigned from my job this week and finish end of Feb and going to take time out and look at diet and exercise and then start looking for a fab, exciting job! Sx


This sounds like dermatitis herpetiformis, which is caused by gluten. It was not until I had these symptoms that I had a biopsy, which confirmed the diagnosis

I was then tested positively for coeliac disease.

Since I went on a gluten free diet I have had none of the symptoms you describe


Hi Bluebell234

Thanks for your reply. Both blood tests for coeliac came back negative. They would only do and endoscope / biopsy if one or both came back positive. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am going to take time out from working and go gluten and hopefully dairy free and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your reply. Sx


Oh me everytime I eat and at other times I am sweating and hate the musty smell. Could food be causing this? x


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