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Help please

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Hi all

I am new

I had my thyroid removed in aug 18

And iodine radiation in Oct

In November I started with pain across my waist and could not we’re any cloths

The pain is now in my right flank area

Pain all day but not when a sleep

I had colonoscopy CT and ultrasound all clear

I have had a painful week but today was the worst

I have only eaten 3 slices of white bread and the pain has been bad

Symptoms are




Hands go numb during night

Any ideas?

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Hi Paul

Your symptoms really need to be discussed with a doctor.

I would guess that only eating 3 slices of bread is not enough food and could lead to constipation and fatigue. Can you manage to eat anything more nourishing, like soup?

As you have posted on this site, are you thinking about going gluten free?

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paul1978 in reply to Penel



I think I am the bread caused more pain in the right flank.

Had gluten free pizza last night

Feel a bit better today had no coffee or milk and gluten free food

Only other thing could be SIBO

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Penel in reply to paul1978

Perhaps have a look at changing your diet generally to see if that helps? You could keep a food diary to see if you can pinpoint any triggers.

This is a useful article on eating to help cope with something like SIBO.

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paul1978 in reply to Penel

Thank you. I have had no gluten today and feeling a bit better.

Hi paul

I also had iodine radiotherapy also 3 years a go to shut down mine also it's going to take a while for you to get back to normal but they don't tell you that. I had wished I had surgery. I am gluten free now and have graves which I have already had eye op last year . They did a grate job. I have lots the 4 Stone that I gained also. The pain that I got WS11 8NQ just unbearable I rushed myself into hospital 3 times. Don't just go through this alone. Talk to youreturn doctors and specialists they can help and support you. Any questions just come back mate. Chin up

Sorry about the text errors. Not sure what the WS11 is

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