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Advice please

About 18 months ago I got so fed up with legging it to a loo 6, 7, 8 x a day (gone on for a good few years) not always the dreaded runs but never firm, on top of that I had lots and lots of burbs which I had put down to drinking loads of sparkling water .... Yes I know I should have gone to the doctor but I had been previously with digestive problems and undergone endoscopires three of four and barium meals etc etc which took months of visits, first I was told it was psychological as I had a full feeling in my upper (almost throat) area then I was told it was stress then that I needed to lose weight I was 5'7 and weighed under 11 stone not exactly obese I was given acid reflux tablets which made no difference and discharged Hence my reason to not want to go through all that again I decided to quit bread and immediately showed a bit of improvement cut out the majority of gluten, experimented a bit with various cereals and cut the runs and looseness down to almost nil. Still have the burbs and full up to the throat feeling my question is, does this all sound in your opinion like GI when people talk about gas is that burbing or other end? I dont have a problem with the other end, when people speak of blown out is that what I m talking about or do they mean tummies only Also I rarely had pain with the runs. I know your not doctors so not asking for a diagnosis but realise you are all experts in your own ways so looking for experience not doctoring Hope this is ok

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Hello Lazydaisy, There is growing evidence that more and more people are having problems with the digestion of gluten. - Where do I begin to answer your questions? As you say, we are not doctors but we do try to help each other in every way possible so here are the basics which you may find helpful. Gluten is present in grains: wheat, barley, rye and for some of us oats; wheat is also alleged to contain something similar to an opiate which is highly addictive as well as a large quantity of amylopectin which is a type of sugar. This is a form of sugar that is extremely cheap and so is robustly used in nearly everything, often innocently packaged under the name of 'dextrose' or 'dextrin.' There is also a barley version and this is often packaged with the pre-fix 'malto.' So to become gluten free means scrupulously reading the labels of products that you buy.

If gluten is your problem and it could well be then it is probable that you will be suffering from malabsorbtion - where your body cannot process all of the vitamins and minerals from the foods that you eat. Gluten can cause either loose stools or constipation. Often wheat intake with both the gluten and high calorie sugars cause almost cow pat like motions that leave the body quickly.

I would advise to cut back on the sparkling water, try some gluten free pro-biotic capsules (high strength) and also add pro-biotic yoghurt to your daily diet - Greek ones are especially nice as they tend to be thick even if you are a fan of low fat varieties - I like the high fat versions myself! Ditch your cereals as they will probably have one form or other of gluten and instead try natural cereals such as quinoa, millet, brown rice, puffed rice without additives, boiled or poached egg, baked fish, etc.

If you can't live without bread - then perhaps try one of the DS range or Genius - some of the makes contain Codex Wheat Starch which many people have great difficulties with so it is important to read the labels even if they do say - free from or gluten free. Avoid anything with malt in. Avoid vinegar, sauces, soy sauce, etc. Check stock cubes - Kallo and Knorr are gluten free. Avoid Beer and Wines.

I hope that this has been a little help to you - if you are able to go gluten free then you should feel a little better on a gluten free diet.

Best wishes and good luck - if you need to ask any more questions then all of us will do what we can to help you.


You could look at other food intolerances instead/ as well, but I would advise going back to your GP to get a dietician referral because bottom line is you're not ok.

Look into Low FODMAP diet (best info on the facebook group) as if your symptoms haven't been relieved by being GF there could be more to it (as wheat is one of the things Low FODMAPers steer clear from.

It is possible to have IBS in combo with coeliac.


It is also worth remembering that cd is not a intolerance it is an autoimmune disease which means that the body is attacking itself so at the very least you could ask the doctor to do a full set of blood tests including antibodies tests and thyroid. You want them to do an Anti-gliadin A G and E. Much less invasive than the biospsy route.


no great help here really but I get the burps when I eat apples, and that horrible feeling of trapped wind in my tummy but no other sensations/problems.

I do know not to eat walnuts as my mouth explodes with blood blisters and raw areas


hi lazydaisy those were my symptoms exactly, burping, passing wind, loo 6/9 times in 3 hours then ok for 12 hours then off again, negative blood pain, just very tired and weepy. when they FINALLY gave me an endoscopy after years of fobbing off, my villi were flat. I have been 3 1/2 years gluten free now, 3 stone heavier, loads of energy. get tested by endoscopy, insist on it.


Thanks to everyone for their replies given me things to think about I have been nearly totally gluten free for a while now although I think I probably havent been as vigilant as many of you and I can say that so much has improved but I have a way to go I know At the least the loo trips have eased right up thats why I m sure I m on the right track I am a stone heavier too Mary I do feel i sound like you and thanks It now looks like a trip back to GP x


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