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help much needed please

hi there i am really confussed as my doctors are talking in riddles and not explaing things to me i went for a blood test as all i knew is that i have a problem with my stomach all the doctors kept saying was that my stomach not absorbing something properly and that i may have to have vk injection or tables. i asked my friends on facebook if they knew what ttg stands for and they said coelic disease. i have few tests done for this. the doctors how ever told me i have low folate and that it was really bad and they also think that i have fibromalgia and so does the lady who i saw at the medical centre last thurs but they haven't diagnosed me yet. i have also been suffrening really bad rashes like im getting a reaction to like hives and sometimes its spreads so it gets bigger and worse so im really confussed what is going on and just want to know are any of these connected or are these all diffrent if this makes sence

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If you were looking at it from a functional point of veiw, yes its very likely it's all connected originaly.

What are your symptoms? What testing was done, do you have the results?


Hi there

This must be very confusing and probably a a bit scary too. You should go back to your doctor with a list of the questions you want answered and ask about the treatment he is going to start you on. Write down the answers he gives you so you can remember them later and think about the treatment. Low folate can be caused by coeliac disease but can also be sign of anaemia so it is important that you understand the cause. Certainly Fibromyalgia can be related to coeliac disease but other things may also cause it including other auto immune diseases. I hope you get the answers you need from your doctor soon and start to feel better.


Hi I was diagnosed because of a low iron count. Gluten coats the lining of the stomach so that the body cannot absorbe the nutriments from the food that we eat - including iron etc.

This means that the waste from our bodies ( poo ) is full of the nutriments that our bodies should be using and one of the signs of being coeliac is that the waste floats on top and is difficult to flush away.

Once a gluten free diet is followed the gluten coating the intestine falls away ( gluten need to be replaced on a regular basis ), the stomach can then start doing it's job again and the body absorbs the nutriments again and is happy, more energy back to normal - as long as you keep to a g/f diet.

I have been coeliac for 15 years now and am fit and healthy.

I even applied for life insurance 2 years ago and got it at standard rates ( Friend's Provident ).

The hives may be dermititus herpiformitus which is a skin condition associated with coeliac disease, if it itches like crazy then it may well be. Easily cured by dapsone but a g/f diet is essential. Skin tests will show if you suffer from this - I do and praise the makers of dapsone ( also used to treat leprosy )

Hope you get better soon



Look at DDr Marios' research in Sheffield Hosp.


Rashes like hives is known as urticara .. it normally occurs when you have an allergy .. it is uncomfortable, itchy burning .. so it is an elimination process, to find out what is causing it. I have found that since stpping wheat, rye, barley and oats life is easier. Less stomach, bowel, joint free pain.


HI , you may be hypothyroid. this is when your antibodies become auto-antibodies and attack

the gland. 90% of gluten problems are linked to this. get your doctor to do a TPOab test.

if over 60 they will treat it but if under this amount they will tell you you are OK, but if any are present then you have hasimoto`s disease. i have this for 40 years and now i have the gluten

problem as well. if you have one auto-immune problem you are likely to have another.


I'm allergic to gluten and had a rash 11 years ago cover my body, but i didn't know i was allergic then and it was like i had rolled in stinging nettles and itchy to the point of wanting to cry as i had to re frame from scratching as it spread every time i did. It only came out in the evening and has vanished by morning.

only recently since know what is really wrong with me I now know that the rash is connected to the gluten allergy including a itchy head which i have suffered from on and off all my life but i only have any itchiness on my body that is annoying if i have eaten something with a small amount in the food.

if you are confused or simply don't understand a thing coming out of you're doctors mouth then just ask them what all of it means cause you don't understand and it's confusing you. there is nothing wrong or to be embarrassed about not knowing what they are on about.



I have 5 kids with the genes and 4 showed the symptoms and are diagnosed Coeliacs the fifth shows no symptoms yet. My wife is gluten intolerant, displays the intolerance symptons and improved after a lifestyle change. I hope the following helps.

1. Coeliac the great Mimicker!

The symptoms you mentioned have been associated with coeliac diease and\or Gluten Intolerance and yes it can be something else entirely. It is important you rule out the Autoimmune disease Coeliac because of it's long destructive effects, it's ability to mimic other minor and major body diseases \ illnesses that can delay final diagnosis well after all the damage is done or death.

2. Save yourself time, money, many years of pain, discomfort, and body damage!

Because Coelic disease still not complete understood by many practicioners it is usually not mis-diagnosed. It is very important that you ask for a specialist that deals with this disease to get the proper test and accurately evaluate the results.

3. Importance of early diagnosis and life style change!

Early diagnosis and diet change in children can prevent and repair many physical, mental and psychological issues. In adults if caught early it can slow the progression and partially if not fully repair damage and improve quality of life.

With Coeliac disease not only diet change but life style change is essential. The ingestion of the gluten (that which is in Wheat, barley, rye) by swallowing or inhalation can cause damage. You must be knowledgable of many forms gluten is labeled as, the many products we use, eat, inhale or come in contact with where the possibility of ingesting gluten can occur and cause further damage.

4. It is important that you do not cheat! This is harder for adults who have established habits not easy to change but for children you can establish the understanding and good habits that will increase their chances of a long and happy non-debilitating life!

My suggestion is to first to first do item 2, to correctly establish conclusively whether it is or is not Coeliac! You can start now reseaching gluten intolerance and the many associated autoimmune diseases \ issues that arise from the this condition.

I trully hope you get an accurate result or determination the first time and soon!

Please let us know more about your finding and your results.

Also, If you wish further info.


Item number 2 in my comment above was mis-typed it should read:

2. Save yourself time, money, many years of pain, discomfort, and body damage!

Because Coelic disease not completely understood by many practicioners and it is usually mis-diagnosed! It is very important that you ask for a specialist that deals with this disease to get the proper test and accurately evaluate the results.


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