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Buckwheat and diabetes,


Hi everyone,

As buckwheat is gluten free and contains some of the essential amino acids making it a good choice protein wise. It helps to manage blood sugar levels and as obesity and diabetes affects all walks of life and many coeliac have type 2 diabetes I think that this is useful to know. And there's buckwheat pancakes...

I'm a coeliac and thankfully I don't have diabetes but feel the more info that's out there about it the better as its reaching epidemic proportions.

Here's a link:


And here's a link to HU's other diabetic forums:



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Thanks for the useful link. I eat buckwheat and make pancakes with the flour but will eat more now that I know if has good nutritional value (unlike supermarket gf products)

Hi Jerry

Thanks very much for posting this very interesting article (I’ve only just seen it, having been spending time with the grandchildren)

I don’t have diabetes either, but I do like to use buckwheat flour. Didn’t realise that it originated in Asia, have always associated it with Russia. The recipes look worth a try, particularly the kasha bread, and we will have to try some smoked salmon on our blinis.

Happy New Year to you!

Jerry in reply to Penel

Thanks Penny, I was pleased to find that buckwheat is so wholesome and I have to agree that Kasha bread looks amazing, I guess its buckwheat soda bread so may have to make some.

And a Happy New Year to you Penny. 😊

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