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New pill that fully protects against the effects of gluten!

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Hi everyone,

This looks very interesting to me even though I'd have massive reservations about consuming gluten again, But if it works then this is a major breakthrough for the whole coeliac community.

Here's the articles, please see:


It definitely looks promising so we will see.

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This is fascinating - but it would have to be around for a long while and very well tested before I dared to try it!

That does sound interesting, but I do wonder how effective it would be with greater doses of gluten?

I note the pill was tested on a biscuit that contained just 3g of gluten, which would be a lot less than you'd find in a pizza or something like a doughnut. I think it would let you enjoy 3 ryvita, or thereabouts.

I imagine the lower dose pill would be fantastic as a back-up, in case of cross contamination when eating out though! Perhaps even allow deliberate cross contamination (i.e. a shared fryer?)

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Jerry in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper it’s a good first step and think it would be really interesting to have a trial to see how gluten free a coeliac diet is by them sticking to their usual gf diet plus taking the pill or a placebo.

So it could be good for allowed levels as well as gluten from cross contact or cross contamination, like a shared friar.

Looks interesting, and I have seen and heard mention of such things in the past. There was even a trial at one point that was looking successful but was pulled due to anomalies and side-effects.

When I look at the opening line to this "“I consider this an extremely important step toward being able to make a medical drug which can help those with celiac disease” I put on my big ole cynic hat.

I recently read someone comment that if there were pharmaceutical interventions for coeliac then more people would be getting diagnosed, i.e. GPs have little or no focus or interest on coeliac, or learning more about the symptoms and diagnosis, as there is no money to currently be made from coeliac for Big Pharma.

If such a drug, as mentioned in this article were successful, guess what? - the coeliac market is largely un-diagnosed so the actual market for this product is currently only the tip of the massive iceberg of people with coeliac. That's no good for pharmaceutical companies, so they will need everyone who has ceoliac to be diagnosed. Cue pressure on GPs to understand coeliac symptoms and diagnose them so they can be fast tracked as customers for this drug.

Equally, I think as many remark in comments, they would still remain gluten free and only use this for times of cross-contamination risk. This will do nothing to push up the standards for cross-contamination if there is a fall-back option.

Within this also, for the manafacturers of any coeliac pill there is the mega 'cash cow' of non-coeliac gluten intolerant people is number well above the number of people with actually diagnosable coeliac. I would imagine this pill would work for them also if it's targetting the gluten protein, not the actual immune system.

To state again, I'm a big ole cynic, and ironically we have the cure for coeliac and have done for as long as coeliac has existed and being understood - avoidance of gluten. The reason few become fully 'cured' from coeliac is the level of gluten in EVERYTHING, the poor labelling laws, the lack of knowledge/care in hospitality/restuarants, the idiot 20ppm codex level and the inefficacy of most coeliac societies and health professionals with regard the health of those with coeliac.

Don't get me wrong, a magic pill would be ace, but all meds have side-effects and the reason a lot of standards have been kept poor is because of the goldrush of food manufacturers and coeliac charities to cash in on coeliac, rather than focus on standards that will provide health for coeliacs.

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Jerry in reply to Benjamin123

Hi Benjamin123 there's nothing wrong with being a cynic I have just read the second but original scientific article:

And here is the summary of side effects and effectiveness copied from the above article:

The most common adverse events, the incidences of which were similar across all groups, were headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Rash developed in 3 of 40 patients (8%) in the 100-mg group.


In this preliminary trial, treatment with ZED1227 attenuated gluten-induced duodenal mucosal damage in patients with celiac disease.

I'm not so impressed especially as attenuated means lessens rather than prevents, so I think I'll keep off the gluten.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Jerry

Thanks for posting that Jerry. I have to admire the bravery of people who take part in these trials and coeliac not easy or possible to replicate in animal-models - I don't think lab mice get coeliac. I suppose a reduction in damage is a signpost in the right direction, but not a solution. Here's hoping the finished product is 100% effective without any of the grim side effects. Yes, gluten free living for the forseeable.

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Whydothis in reply to Jerry

The "side effects" don't sound like side effects to me - they sound like the usual immediate and short term effects of being glutened! Although it may have reduced the damage to the small intestine, it doesn't give me any encouragement to try it!

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Jerry in reply to Whydothis

You share my feelings Whydothis so I'll be keeping off the gluten too regardless of this pill.

Dr Osborne has a Gluten Shield capsule which is used when we are at risk of getting gluten in a meal. It is to be taken only when necessary but it does seem to work👍 Dr Osborne is adamantly teaching a clean diet is the best cure.

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Whydothis in reply to Phylenejo

I had not heard of Gluten Shield before. After a quick google, I note that Gluten Shield is only claimed to help with cross contamination and "residual" gluten (which I take to mean the possible 20ppm in commercial GF food).

It does not suggest it can be used in order to deliberately consume gluten, so it is different from the new one above. I can see it could be helpful, but personally I prefer to keep away from potential danger rather than taking something to cure it.

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Phylenejo in reply to Whydothis

YeS thats correct. Clean diet is the answer! I just found it helpful for me.

That looks interesting. When have you used this or when have you found it useful? Is this available in UK?

The few times I have eaten out I’ve taken it..but still being as cautious as possible to avoid contamination. I have spent a long time trying supplements etc to rebuild and finally found a doc that has sound advice and clean supplements. It’s taken along time but my energy is getting so much Better.I follow Dr Osborne utubes and classes Monday evenings. I am in Colorado so not sure what is available for you. Hope this helps

Hi, it does, thank you. Going to check him out. I'm UK-based, but will have a look to see what can be accessed here.

Hi Jerry, I`ve had read the article before. I remember that the people tested had "less" damage. And the pill had to do with one of the markers. I`m not convinced...

I'll test it for them. Nothing to lose.

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