5 Children Type 1 & Coeliac

5 Children Type 1 & Coeliac


I am new to this site and have already found some fantastic post and links. I currently write a blog and have a web site. I have 5 girls. 2 have coeliac and 1 has Type 1 Diabetes. I write about everyday life living with a family who have longterm medical conditions. The majority of my posts have been about Type 1 Diabetes. However I would like to increase the information about life, living with coeliac disease as this can be far more limiting on occasions than Type 1.

This is a link to my blog. 5childrentype1diabetescoeli...

I also wondered if I an put a link on to this site.I found it by accident. There are pages on facebook. I think a little more is needed.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Angela, thanks for sharing this with us, I'm sure that you'll make a valuable contribution.

    You certainly have your hands full, that's for sure! Your daughters all look happy so good for you.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Jerry. Learn't a whole lot more about coeliac today.

  • Hi Angela - welcome to the site, your blog looks very interesting :-)

    Becky x

  • Hi Becky,

    Hopefully we can share some tips x

  • Yes, that would be good. I will PM you x

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