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Has anybody else had a reaction to these crispbreads? I ate 4 of them yesterday at lunchtime and have had a night of disruption! I checked through this site for previous discussions and discovered I had reacted to products with buckwheat before. So silly me for not getting it together! But as far as I understand buckwheat is completely different to gluten, does not contain wheat and people can eat it without having problems. However, I understand that some people can react to it as in allergic reaction. I won't be eating this stuff again.

I know that this incident was not a reaction to gluten but there were similar responses in as much as the symptoms appeared 6 hours after eating, aching joints, gastric events and severe stomach cramps for a few hours. I am usually better by 10am the next day but shattered from lack of sleep. I mention this because there is ongoing discussion about how to tell the difference from being gluttened and a stomach bug; and whilst there are some characteristics of stomach bugs which can signify the difference, for me I can tell because of the the pattern of reaction which has been helpful. But I know everybody is so different.

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  • Hi, Although not buckwheat, which should be fine, I've had bad reactions to the corn crispbread but not corn in other products. I'm not sure why either. Perhaps factory contamination? There's an organic chestnut crispbread which I've been fine with, though it is hard to find.

    I'm sorry you've been so ill, I get fed up with so called gf products which give bad reactions. It is very disheartening. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I would love to try the chestnut crispbread if you can get me the name I would be so pleased!

  • Where the crispbreads marked as GF, I asking because there is a brand of buckwheat flour in the UK which is not gluten free as the pack happily states "a stoneground flour milled from wholegrain buckwheat which is grown, stored or processed adjacent to wheat and other cereals" this I remember somewhere reading is "good" as the traces of gluten help the performance of the flour... This product is clearly labelled as not being GF but it highlights the risks with buckwheat.

  • They were marked gluten free and everything else free! Orgfree from Australia.

  • Could it be cross-reactivity rather than cross-contamination? Buckwheat's often mentioned on lists of potential suspects for that.

    I've not tried the crackers but I definitely have a very mild response (buzzing feeling in my guts) to Dove's Farm GF flour – which I'd assume is pretty safely gluten free and I'm fine with their rice flour – and I've assumed that must be the buckwheat as I'm usually fine with all the other ingredients. I keep meaning to test this further with other buckwheat foods but keep wimping out! Similarly, I get minor reactions from quinoa, which should be gluten free too.

  • I suspect that cross-reactivity could be a cause. I also get some problems from quinoa and I can't tolerate GF flour. My doctor says I am super sensitive. But I certainly didn't expect the reaction that I got.

  • Sorry to hear about the bad reaction, urban girl. I haven't tried the crisp bread, but am ok with the flour (Big Oz).

    There's quite a lot of literature on reactions to buckwheat in countries where it is commonly eaten. It sounds as though it can have some nasty effects in susceptible people.

  • think thats me!

  • Hi, the chestnut crispbread I mentioned is 'Le Pain des fleurs' 'organic chestnut crib read deliciously gluten free'. It costs me £3.29 for 100g from my local health food shop, but the price varies hugely. The ingredients are rice flour, chestnut flour and sea salt and it is produced in France in a gf factory. Www. lespaindesfleurs.bio

    They taste ok, and are reliably gf and v useful for snacks.

  • Thank you gfmum. I will try and find some. I like chestnut flour although made some lasagne with it last year and it was not that nice!

  • Thanks for that - I hadn't heard of these!

  • Oops the packet is 125g (not 100g)

  • Unfortunately Buckwheat is one of a number of gluten free substitutes that can irritate the gut. It is from a family of plant foods known as OXALATES. In some people they can cause kidney stones from the oxalic acid.

    You can Google it and find the foods - maybe some of them are your irritants. Someone writes a blog which might help:


  • Thanks for this Jacks it is really helpful. Of course when I realised what caused the problem I did google buckwheat and was quite shocked to discover exactly what the effects could be.

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