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Home made Gluten free bread 🌞

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Hi everyone,

Here's a photo of my home made GF made made with supermarket gf bread flour with seeds added, this shows the texture of the loaf. I tend to make a large loaf and a couple of rolls.

So I hope this encourages some of you to bake your own.

Here's another version with a link to the recipe:


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Wow Jerry that looks very good!

Jerry in reply to Kikideelili

Thank you Kikideeli, 😊

Looks fantastic Jerry.

Jerry in reply to Penel

Thanks Penny 😊

Hi there and thank you, with this loaf I just used Doves farm gf bread flour. I usually substitute 50g with 50g of either ground quinoa or linseed, which I grind in a coffee grinder.

What I do is put all the ingredients in the f/processor whiz it up then add extra seeds like pumpkin and linseed, then whiz it up again and it often fluffs up and then I put in my top oven which I've warmed slightly to prove, then I bake it at 150C in the top of a fan oven I just found that naturally gf flour bread cooks at a lower temperature to juvela wheat starch. And this is why a combination of flours works well for baking.

The glaze gives a really nice texture and gives a deeper colour and helps stick seeds to the top.

Now as you're not getting flour on prescription Doves farm plain gf flour makes the most amazing biscuits.


I hope this helps,

Jerry πŸ™‚

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