Asda gluten free bread.

Hi all

Just wanted to vent really. Here goes.

My son is 10 and has coeliac and an allergy to eggs. When he was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2012 we struggled to find a codex free bread that did not contain eggs. We eventually found Asda Sliced and only £1.50 a loaf. He loves it and eats about 6 slices a day. For 10 days recently we couldn't get hold of any. We travelled miles to different stores but they were all out of stock. Customer Service couldn't help. Then hooray my local Asda got some in so I bought it all for the freezer. I went to defrost a loaf the other day and noticed "new improved recipe". So I turned over the loaf to look at the ingredients to find listed ..................egg!

We are so disappointed! So tomorrow I will be ringing round the companies trying to get samples for him to try. In the meantime he can use DS rolls for his pack lunch but they are £2 for 4 so pretty dear. I wish companies would leave recipes alone! It's like the pizza express bases! Grrrrrrr

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  • Hi kikideelili

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    You say that your son is a Coeliac. Is he formally recognised by his GP? If he is, have you tried Glutafin Gluten Free White Rolls (4 pack - 200g)? They are available on prescription, are codex free and don't list egg or dairy in the ingredients - so I think may be suitable for him?

    They also do a similar fibre roll; however they put soya in these ones (so being soya intolerant I can't have them :( ).

    A 200g pack counts a half a unit in my area.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi regalbirdy

    Thank you do much for your reply. Poor you being intolerant to soya, must be difficult for you.

    Yes my son is formally diagnosed and gets 13 units a month from the gp prescription. We used to get him Glutafin bread until he started getting nausea again so we decided to stop giving him any gluten (even less than 20 parts per million and codex) so that's when we went out and found the Asda bread. We get pasta, oats, crackers and cereal on prescription instead but being a growing lad it's the bread that he needs the most. He hasn't liked any of the bread I've baked. I will ring Glutafin tomorrow and ask them for a sample of the rolls. They sent him a lovely hamper when he was diagnosed. thanks for your help.

  • Crackers AND cereal on prescription...ooh I'm quite envious! My area is restricted to only bread, pasta and flour.

    Like your son, I'm quite limited as to what breads I can have. My bread has to be gluten-free, dairy free, soya free and compatible with a vegetarian diet! And I also stay away from Codex as a matter of principle. However, (luckily!) in my case; it doesn't have to be egg free.

    My combo has led me on a real search in the past for something bread-wise that tastes half decent. Fingers crossed that he can tolerate them, because I've found the white rolls to be quite an acceptable alternative to 'normal' bread.

    The first time I toasted one, it reminded me a bit of eating an English muffin; both in taste and texture. It might be worth noting that they are listed as part baked; but although I usually eat them toasted, I have eaten them straight out of the packet. Before I had to go soya free, I did try the fibre (brown) rolls as well. To be honest, I preferred them to the white rolls because they had a good flavour and bits in them. So here's to hoping that maybe one day there will be a 'new improved' recipe that goes in my favour...

    Btw, the Pip code for the white roles is 344-3645, if this helps you.

    Good luck with your son.

  • Thanks for the info. Your gps are a bit stingey only letting you have bread and pasta! It was the dietician who wrote to our gp asking him to be generous as back then my boy was also allergic to dairy.

  • Hi Regalbirdy!

    I have a feeling I am allergic to Soya. What are your symptoms if different to your normal coeliac reactions?

    I am being allergy tested at the moment because my throat has been swelling when I eat certain things. I thought it was nuts at first but now i'm thinking it might be soya. It's only been since diagnosed coeliac and eating gluten free food.

  • Hi

    It gives me symptoms of fatigue and brain fog.

    Good luck finding out what is causing your problems.

    I think in my case that the biggest issue (gluten) may have masked the other issues, making it much less noticeable until gluten went out of my diet.

  • I get the Glutafin part baked fibre rolls on prescription. I really like them - they are the nearest to prop

  • ta i may steal this idea for my next order

  • .......They are the nearest thing to proper bread I've found so far. They don't contain eggs or Codex starch.

  • Thank you Janer I will see if Glutafin to send is a sample.

  • hi there, the Glutafin sliced white loaf is egg free and doestnt contain wheat starch but it does contain soya. How about trying a bread mix as they are available on prescription and Im told are good or get the flour on prescription and have a go yourself. i thought about the Tesco loaf as that is good but just checked and it has egg in. What a nightmare for you, hope you get it sorted.

  • Yes all Tesco and Sainsburys bread has egg in it. Thank you for your reply. I will get him some Glutafin to try. He doesn't like the home baked bread. I thought it was lovely. I am wheat intolerant.

  • Udi's used to be egg free (using soya protein instead - in "fresh" bread it's a case of one of the other it seems) - not sure if this is still the case though.

    Seems that Glutafin is popular here - I'm not such a fan.

    Good luck in your search.

  • Absolutely everything Udi's make contains egg.

  • Yep still is according to their website, this is their white sandwich loaf:

    Water, Maize Starch, Rice Flour, Soya Protein Isolate, Tapioca Starch, Rapeseed Oil, Yeast, Thickeners (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Invert Sugar Syrup, Psyllium Husk Powder, Sugar, Sugar Beet Fibre, Salt, Preservative (Calcium Propionate), Humectant (Glycerine), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Flavouring

    Doesn't sound very appetising written down in this way does it?

  • Lol! No it doesn't does it. Can you get Udi bread on prescription Vince?

  • look at livwell products too they do flatbreads etc no codex and can be got on prescription.

  • I will ring them tomorrow Vince thanks for the heads up x

  • Have you looked at the wheat-free bakery website (based in Scottland)? Their breads are good and some with fantastic texture. They do an egg free white loaf though I haven't tried it yet (still in the freezer from my bulk order). You can freeze all their breads easily and they even sent me spare bags to do that.

  • Have you looked at the wheat-free bakery website (based in Scottland)? Their breads are good and some with fantastic texture. They do an egg free white loaf though I haven't tried it yet (still in the freezer from my bulk order). You can freeze all their breads easily and they even sent me spare bags to do that.

  • Have you looked at the wheat-free bakery website (based in Scottland)? Their breads are good and some with fantastic texture. They do an egg free white loaf though I haven't tried it yet (still in the freezer from my bulk order). You can freeze all their breads easily and they even sent me spare bags to do that.

  • No we haven't Sybilla thank you for the info x

  • Just looked at the website, the breads look yummy. I wonder why they are calling their company "wheat free" instead of " gluten free" hope they are not using rye or barley.

    Unfortunately all their bread contains albumen which is egg.

  • Oh I'm sorry, I've just had a look too. They must have decided to stop making it - I defo have a loaf in my freezer. They are all gluten free and I completely agree that their name is somewhat unfortunate;-)

  • Love the guys at WheatFree Bakery. Great products - especially the sesame seed bagels.

  • Thanks freego we will order some for my son to try x

  • I've just had a reply to my email from the Wheat Free Bakery. They do do an egg free range! Hooray. Thank you Sybilla x

  • That's great news! Happy to help, hope your son likes it. Btw, I made a bulk order and sliced everything before freezing. The breads have been in my freezer for a couple of months and are great, I just take out what I need without having to defrost too much.

  • Good tip x

  • What did Asda say about the bread, Did you contact them and present them with the problem. Im also tired of the constant changes in recipes,but think it does help to constantly query the suppliers, if we don't they are not aware of how we feel, .........but it is disheartening , keeping on and on,

    lucky ones still getting bread on prescription, my surgery has stopped since Govt handed over to them to manage their own,

  • Venetia hi! sorry I didn't reply to your post. I did not contact Asda because adding the egg to their gluten free bread has made It much easier to handle. Before it was so crumbly to be honest a bit of every slice was lost. So I know they won't do anything about it. We just need to move onto a new supplier. My son has tried a few different loaves and not liked them so Liveell and Glutafin are sending us samples and I've placed an order with the Wheat Free Bakery in Scotland. Thanks everyone for your help and support I really appreciate it. Love kikideelili x

  • I use Juvela White mix from prescription and it does not contain egg or soya. It is amazing! I've used it to make bread, rolls, toasted teacakes (I don't eat raisins so I put dates and cinnamon in instead) My husband had to share the teacakes as they were so good (he doesn't know how good the bread is yet!! :-) ) It does not need a long prove so the whole thing takes less than an hour altogether - so easy!

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