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I`ve recently been reading posts were GFGs keep saying they only toast GF bread as it`s too dry to eat as it is (bought and home made). I find this hard to understand. I`ve been making home made bread for years and it is really really moist. Now this could be because I`ve added one or two ingredients over the years (xamthan gum/olive oil/milk powder/occasionally an egg). My wife often buys French rolls when we`ve friends over for a meal and they often try my bread and all conclude it`s very good and certainly no dry.

(As with all home made bread it deteriorates relatively quickly and then it is more suitable for toasting or bread crumbs.)

Does anyone else produce home made bread they can eat without toasting?

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  • If your not into making your own I found Glutafin Fresh bread very good and it is the size more or less of a normal loaf so feels like a proper size sandwich. I also do home baking and like you Silver dream machine ( into Hawkwind by any chance ?) I don't find a problem, but it doe's not keep well , I usually dry it out and make bread crumbs so I can coat fish etc; Myrab

  • Do you have any good receipts for home made bread suitable for a bread maker? Thanks

  • Hi APsnotFab, I`ve just tried to find a previous post which detailed how I make my bread, but alas can`t find any archive!

    I use Juvela 50/50 white and fibre mix flours. Add a tsp of dried yeast, 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum, 1/4 brown sugar, 1/2 salt. 14flozs of tap water and 2 tbsp of olive oil. This produces really good bread. However I started some time ago to add 1/4 of brown sugar which seems to make the yeast more effective. I then added 3 tsp of dried milk powder which makes it more `rich` if you know what I mean. Also been trying one egg. The outcome as I said is almost always 100% yummy bread.

    I`ve an old bread maker and need to gee up the paddle by using a spatula to make sure the mix gets started properly. I also use the spatula to disengage the loaf from the sides/corners once it`s baked.

    If you fancy a sweet treat then add add any dried fruits/seeds etc after about half an hour into the 3 hour programme.

    Hope this helps and if you do try let us know if it works.

    ps no; SDM isn`t anything to do with Hawkwind, but I know where you`re coming from.

  • Im assuming when you say 1/4 brown sugar thats a tea spoon? Ive got some Juvela mix flours so will give it a go when I have some time. Thanks for that :-)

  • sorry, yes a 1/4 teaspoon. Best of luck

  • :)) SMD, I have a Panasonic bread maker and it has several programmes for different GF flour products, I still have use a spatula to make sure it is mixed thoroughly , they also add an egg on one of the recipes. Been trying Phil Vickerys new GF cook book pleased with the results, he has devised a mix of Cornflour /cornmeal and rice flour to make cakes, pastry and scones made a great fruit cake with it today.

  • Yes I like the bread I bake fresh. I just use Glutafin bread mix I get on prescription and throw it in the bread maker. Its nice for a couple of days max then needs toasting. I add butter instead of vegetable oil and sometimes coconut oil to give it a nice flavour. When it's freshly baked you have to let it cool for a good while as it can't be sliced successfully while it's warm

  • Hi Roland, never thought of coconut oil. Will give it a try, thanks. Yes cooling is needed prior to slicing, but sometimes I`m so in need of a lump of fresh bread I sacrifice the neatness of my cut!

  • Home made is easy but doesnt have longevity, mine last c. 2 days max. I do find the commercial long life breads very unpalatable even after warming and toasting, however the new innovative fresh breads that are entering the market namely Asda fresh Brown and Genius fresh brown are wonderfully moist and bread like and last as well as a gluten bread!!! Amazingly the Genius brown I currently have is a larger slice than hubby's gluten laden Hovis so theres definite progress and this after 12 months ago Id given up on the holey mess that was Genius!! IMO a GF bread that beats the gluten variety hands down is round the corner thanks to innovative brands like Genius entering the market. In fact the only thing that has stifled the market historically is prescriptions. All we need is consumers carrying on jumping on the gf health bandwagon a la Gwyneth Paltrow and pals and we'll have more competitive prices too wooohooo!!!!

  • Aldi now have a gluten free bread which is quite good and does not seem to crumble when used for sandwiches. It is also a great deal cheaper than other GF brands.

  • Making decent gf bread does work if you use Juvela or Glutafin mixes i know because i used to do it but my pct decided we are not allowed those mixes on prescription anymore so alas now find it very hard to bake a decent bread any help with recipes without the mixes would be appreciated...As for Aldi bread i wont bother again brought a loaf yesterday 4 days in date yet was mouldy took it back they said exchange when looked all loafs on shelf in same state not good!

  • I have a wonderful healthy gf homemade bread recipe here I found online. It is listed as best gf sandwich bread online. good luck

  • Hi

    Do you have a link for this recipe?


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