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Gluten free home made bread?


Does anyone have a recipie for hand made or bread maker bread without using a bread mix and using gluten free flour?

Thank you

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there are lots of variations on my blog ( all use urid lentil flour, tapioca flour and cornmeal. Easy, nutritious and don't need gums. If you can tolerate dairy adding grated mozzarella gives a soft crusty loaf.

Hi Michelle, I like making bread the most, so here's some pictures and a recipe of my home made bread:

There are other bread recipes on here and all are wheat and gluten free and many are lactose free with naturally gf flours.


Here's my own ...makes a very nice bread. I use the bread machine and no mix.

If you want to try a very ineteresting bread flour combo try equal parts teff flour, shorghum flour and tapioca starch in the above recipe should produce good results although I haven't tried it yet. It's on my list...

Hi Liana, your ancient bread looks very interesting to me and reminds me of Ezekiel bread which I've often thought of trying to make a wheatfree gf version:

In the US they sell Ezekiel bread made with sprouted beans and even tho' it uses sprouted wheat they reckon there's no gluten in sprouted wheat? I personally wouldnt risk it but find it interesting.


I was going to ask the same question. Just bought a bread maker, made some yesterday and it is more like a cake than bread. So was hoping that somebody has a good recipe.

I have a ten-year old bread-maker (Hinari, a cheap and cheerful one from my hubby so can't look a gift horse in the mouth) with no gluten-free options on it. I've given up making bread as each time it gets scraped up and thrown in the bin. It could have truly broken windows! Any suggestions please for simple recipes?

Hi Anne, you need a bread maker that does not knock the dough back. Ordinary wheat bread is knocked back to remove large air bubbles and then the dough rises again. GF bread dough does not rise a second time. So either you need a bread maker that has a gf setting or a fast mode as these do not knock the bread back.

You can make bread in a food processor and then let it rise and bake it in the oven. I have a twin oven and use the top oven to prove the bread.

There's a bread making guide on the link I potsed with bread recipe's and pictures:

And good luck,


Lois - I LOVE your bread recipes - my daughter is also avoiding dairy, rice & potato (and various other grains) - but I think would tolerate your lentil flour/tapioca/cornmeal mix. She hasn't eaten bread for the last 6 months - very excited :-)

Lois - I ordered the papad flour from Spices of India online, as recommended on your website - it arrived today, I was horrified to discover that it was made in a mill handling wheat & gluten - so not suitable for my daughter to eat anyway. Appreciate that you grind your own, and these things DO change from time to time with commercial products - but just wanted to flag it up.

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