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12 years old boy



my son (12) suffers from iron deficiency. The doctors prescribed him iron tablets and his results got better (after 1,5 month). They want to check the reasons. And they want to rule out coeliac d. His results are:

Immunoglobulin IgA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 288.0 mg/dL

94 - 309: 12 - 16 yrs

Endomysine IgA abs test (IFA) . . : 1:32 Titer Negative (?)

Transglutaminase antibodies IgA . . . . . : Negative Titer Negative

The doctors say that Endomysine IgA abs test (IFA) is positive! I do not know why it the result it is written negative. Could not find any info about the norms.

And they want to make endoscopy!

My son has no other symptoms than iron deficiency. I press them to do some other blood tests before. Because as I was told IFA is not a specific test for coeliac.

What test should I do? I will be grateful for any guidance!

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Hi KOSAKOSIA, I would let your son go ahead ,they will give him a sedative and he will be fine . I had Two endos and would recommend it for everyone. Because he is young they might even give him a light anaesthetic. It will put your mind at rest too.


My grand-daughter at age 8 had the endo test under anesthetic. She was very thin and guts would ache after eating. I knew for a long time she had problems with gluten. But my daughter was insistent on her having the test, because once she went gluten free they would never know for sure. So.....she had the test.

The specialist said she is the worst case of coeliac disease in a child he had seen. Now almost 2 years GF and she is doing so much better and blood is normal. She is eating a lot more than the bird rations she used to.

As for the blood tests I do not know what they mean...but at my blood testing centre they have a book on the shelf which explains every test and what the range should be. Every test form has the name of the lab worker who oversaw the test. You can call them and ask what the results mean.

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