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Just read an old post by Autogirl about her condition(s): Hashimoto, Coeliac .... she wrote exactly the symptoms that I have been having for the last 3-5 years. I realise that if I had not taken into hand my own health I would weigh 20 kgs more, be permanently tired, dry eyes, insomniac, arthritic, depressed, moody, constipated, and irritable. So thank heavens for me, and those around me that I discovered the following:

- T4 AND T3 have meant a great improvement on my Hashimoto's condition,

- Eating GLUTEN/LACTOSE FREE has helped my digestion and health

- Eating more fruit and vegetable, dates, nuts and prunes has reduced/eliminated constipation;

- My weight lose of 14 kgs over 3 years due to a better diet and better treatment of Hashimoto's

- And top it all years of insomnia have finally come to an end probably linked to treatment I had for bronchitis and early pneumonia by Cortisone (type to be confirmed). Well what can one say: thankyou to myself and the forum on Thyroid and Gluten free Guerrillas.... I hastened to add before stopping my long story that I eat only ORGANIC which I believe is essential and take various suppléments to make sure that any distortion of my food absorption by Levothyroxine is covered (vitamin B6, B12, zinc, vitamin C , D3, Curcuma and Omega 3). That's it for now, good health to all.

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