Strange Symptom? - right ribcage pain

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone else has the same odd symptom as me. I have suffered from IBS for about 15 years (at least thats what I was told it was) for the past 16 weeks I have been plagued by a pain/pressure under my ribs on my right side - it sort of feels like a balloon is inflated in my ribs, I have had blood tests and a scan to check my liver/gall bladder and all came back fine. So, totally fed up and clutching at straws I decided to try cutting out gluten - within 3 days the pain was gone! I started feeling better then tried eating gluten again and it came back the next morning. So I am now gluten free and feeling much better. I am intrigued though as to what is actually causing the pain/pressure that I feel - does anyone else suffer from the same thing?

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  • As painful as it may sound it might be worth you continuing with the gluten and getting your gp to organise a coeliac screen because if it is due to wheats then it will affect how you are treated in the future and gps like an official diagnosis rather than you just saying you feel better for cutting it out.

  • Thanks for your reply, I guess that will probably be the best way forward - I am so enjoying feeling better though! I have a follow-up appointment with my gp next week. Will see what she thinks then. I must admit it is a thought 6 weeks of gluten again...

  • Can you tolerate having just some to keep things ticking over as it were?

    Im in a similar position re milk, got to have it to confirm allergy but it is an uncomfortable experience. But i would rather try to get a definitive answer as i did when diagnosed coeliac.

  • Hi Kerry,

    I am a diagnosed coeliac and about 18 months ago had a pain ( on my left side) just under my ribs - sounds similar to yours!

    After several trips to my GP and Gastro consultant, they finally arranged for some tests: ultra sound scan, CT scan - both clear - and finally another gastroscopy ( yuk)), a result!!

    It turns out I have a hiatus hernia, not treatable just have to work out your triggers, for me: red wine😪, tomatoes, spicy food.

    Hope you get to the bottom of things soon, it can be a battle with the professionals, but keep at it.

  • Well, that's amazing! I also am diagnosed coeliac, and I also had a pain just under my ribs on the left side. It came on at the same time every day - about 3pm, but was always gone when I awoke in the morning. It lasted about three years! Nobody really knew what it was, and all I could really find on google was right sided pain (gall bladder etc.) It was very frustrating. For some reason, thankfully it has now disappeared, and I know it sounds crazy, but I have a feeling yoghurt doesn't agree with me. I'm not lactose intolerant, and have milk and cream with no symptoms at all, but I used to eat yoghurt every day, though by process of elimination I now think I'm better without it. I can't understand this, as I had always believed yoghurt was good for the gut. But you are the first person who I have heard of with a similar symptom to mine, so thanks for posting.

  • Sorry to hear of your pains . With me, I find that it is trapped wind which gets tucked up in there. So don't eat foods which give you gas etc. I can't eat cauliflower or cabbage for example.

    Also take a medication which helps relieve wind, and try to move about a bit and the warmth of a hot water bottle and nice warm drink maybe of a green tea sweetened with a little honey may help.Good luck


  • That's exactly the symptom I've had for years until in desperation I cut out gluten and I'm now free of pain and swelling. Despite repeatedly asking my GP if I could be coeliac ( always with vague replies about it not showing up in blood tests ) have now been told I am HLA dq2 positive, which points towards CD). Not bothering to go down the route of biopsy just keeping clear of gluten and taking Vit B supplements. Hope this helps

  • It's duodenitis and a fatty liver that's possibly causing your pain. If you cut out gluten and it disappeared then that's your problem.

  • Been having the same problem for 8 months. Very painful on lower left side with lots of bloating and passing wind. Evening's are worse. I was diagnosed celiac 3 years ago and have had scan and going for camera up and down next week. Dr thinks this will be clear and that I have IBS and wind??

  • I had that pressure on the right side. I've cut out gluten and I had h pylori. It's gone now and the pressure isn't there any more.

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