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Test results

Hi, again. I called to ask more about my test results as everything I was seeing on the web was confusing me more about the results. From what I understand, the results are as follows:

Total serum IGA 177 (70-400) range. I understand this will tell if I make enough of the IGA for the rest of the tests to be accurate?

Gliadin Antibody IGG 35

Gliadin Antibody IGA 33

TgG 13 (which I am told is normal)

Given these results, is it still likely that I may have the disease? I'm really confused. I will be getting the biopsy, but I have a feeling it will be negative if the TgG was normal? Is this even remotely on point?

I have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy before when they couldn't figure out why I was anemic, so I'm not afraid of the procedure... merely the cost. :-(

Thanks for your continued help.


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Hi Alison. Just to say I'm not iga deficient but still had normal blood results. But biopsy confirmed CD with substantiall villi damage. I don't understand why this can happen but it does. Good luck with your decision.


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