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Hi can anyone explain my blood test results :) Before I decided to ask my doctor to be tested I thought I would remove wheat/gluten from my diet as an experiment as had quite a lot of symptoms and a few getting worse this year at one point I thought I might be pregnant as I felt like I had morning sickness! Well to my surprise after four days not eating wheat/gluten my congested nose started to clear and I felt I could breathe again! as time went on most of my symptoms went, the reason I knew it was wheat/gluten as I had gravy on my dinner (forgot it had wheat!) and within a few hours my nose started feeling congested and by the morning I felt so sick. I knew I would have to eat gluten again so I did it to rule out celiac after 6 weeks I had my blood test they have come back normal but I just wanted to know what the numbers mean for the TTG IGA it came back 16 cu <19.9 and the IGA on its own was 2.1 g/L sorry for long post I just thought it would be good to explain :) Obviously I just wanted to rule out celiac disease but from now on a Gluten free diet is the best option for my health. hope someone can explain the numbers Thank you in advance x

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  • Hi, well done for working out what is causing your issues & you may well be non coeliac gluten sensitive ie ncgs rather than coeliacs and either way, you know for you cutting out gluten is the key.

    The 2 tests are two of the blood tests they do for coeliacs, you may also see on there a test for ema - for the full names/scientific descriptin, just put the initials in google, but for the ttga for this lab, their parameters are if you score less than 19 then the test is considered negative for these coeliac antibodies & the parameters on your results for the others will be shown & I am guessing you are under the parameters for those too.

    But in any event, you know what your issue is as you have listened to your body & you can now manage it. Will be worth looking up ncgs & have a chat with your doctor about it & also watch out for further problems with processed free from foods, they quite often cause problems for people due to all the thickeners/different grains, but then you have already found out that listening to your body is key 👏. Good luck

  • Thank you for your reply, it was just pure luck I discovered that it was wheat/gluten causing my symptoms. I came across a book called wheat belly that's what made me decide to experiment I was only going to do it for 2 weeks but when I realised how great I felt and the symptoms I had started to disappear I carried on! I don't think I will bother my doctor as when I explained to her all my symptoms she still said it could just be ibs! I then asked her what about my congested nose .... she couldn't answer :/ At least by going gluten free I will no longer have to use beconase (steroid nasal spray) again :) And I am glad I had the blood test to rule out CD. Again thank you for taking the time to reply.

  • My question may sound silly but, when you went back to a normal diet for six weeks before the blood test, did you make sure you were eating enough gluten?

  • Hi Yes I did, I read a lot before going to ask my doctor for the blood test at this point I was still gluten free as I wasn't sure if she would say yes to the blood test and I explained this to her and I also read that you needed to eat gluten for 6 weeks before having the blood test so just so I could rule out CD I had to eat wheat/gluten and the first week of introducing it back into my system OMG I never felt so sick! I did read last night on another website that if using anti inflammatory steroid medication it could affect the results, well while eating gluten I have to use a steroid nasal spray as my nose is constantly congested. Whether this information is true I don't know, but I think the best test for me is that my body is better without gluten so from now I will be GF :) Thank you for your reply.

  • Hi babe patricia here if you think you might have coeliac disease the worse thing you can do is eating gluten free become it is going to be that much harder getting a possitive diagnosis you have got to eat loads of gluten & suffer the horrible symptoms for a while babe so they will no if you have the antibodies for the disease you will feel lousy eaten gluten for a while but otherwise it will go on forever like me thinking I had ibs untill I got so ill with eaten gluten & lost stones in weight with not getting the right nutrients & eaten gluten so its best to suffer eaten gluen to get the test done stay safe p

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