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TTG test

I wsa diagnosed Celiac September 2011. I have been on a strict GF diet since this time. NO gluten in the house with a couple exceptions over this time.

I had an endoscopy done Jan 23rd - results showed Active Celiac disease. I still have symptoms of abdominal pain and some abnormal stools. Many food sensitivities .. eat no oats or corn (other than in cornstarch as thickener). In last few month have limited grains ... just a bit of white rice for calories -- well soaked and rinsed.

My recent (Tuesday this week) Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgA came back at 11 -- under 20 is deemed normal - not an indicator for Celiac Disease. I am wondering why the Active Celiac histology when the tTG is normal.

What should I make of these two results, if anything?

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I was told it could take 2 years or more before my TTG returned to normal because it had taken so long to diagnose me and it was so high (128) when I was diagnosed.


Hi there, here's similar questions from the archives I hope they help.

If you want to search the archives just go to the search box on the top right of GFG home page just below your name and type in whatever and see what comes up.


If you are eating a prescribed Gluten Free diet it should be remembered that the Gluten Free foods may contain up to 20ppm per kilo finished product, this could be the source of gluten ingress.


Hi mrswildwoman

Just been looking at another post and noticed that villi damage can be caused by soy/soya. Don't know if this is any help.


Thanks, I have read that all grains can be damaging. I have not eaten soy other than as an additive (soy lechiten) for a long time. Perhaps need to be diligent.


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