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blood test results

I recently had a load of blood tests done and have got a print out of them - all normal. However, does anyone know of a website that explains blood tests and results as I cannot understand the results, nor what some of them were for. Those that I can understand I have googled and got some info but not enough. It seems this is a common problem for people and it would be so helpful to be able to discover results in one click! I suspect this is not going to be the case.

Also I keep reading things about interpreting blood tests and understand sometimes high or low readings may be significant even though the results come within a normal range. Frustratingly I have forgotten where I have read these things.

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Hi Urbangirl these 2 links may help you:

(The first seems the most informative to me)

I have to say that I think that this is a very interesting question and that having info on understanding blood test results and IgA blood test results easily accessible by all members would be very helpful to many members.

Lastly it is a good sign that your results are normal so good for you even though I know that you have other health issues at the moment.


Thank you Jerry that is so helpful. Just had a very quick skim over the links and good information on them.

The presentation of my results, which I presume is the same for everyone else, had sub-results which I found confusing. Of course I was very relieved to know that I hadn't got anything wrong but I continue to have symptoms that coincide with other problems. Because the results indicate nothing is wrong I get the feeling the doctor is not interested and also because of my age. Did get another diagnosis of fibromyalgia, for bone/muscle pain, dry eyes due to working on the computer and I am doing yet another food diary for weight control! So think I am not being believed on that one! Ignoring small intestine problems, insomnia and low blood pressure, let alone other symptoms.

I am worried that I could have something wrong that comes under an umbrella of a syndrome and sometimes it doesn't help checking on specialist sites as I may be going up the wrong path. Although I know some things take ages to diagnose. Feel even more like a hypochondriac than ever! Especially when my very best friend told me to eat a proper diet and questioned whether my response to gluten was psychosomatic!!

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Hi Urbangirl, I am convinced that there is more to CD that flattened villi. During the coeliac conference that had some publicity on here 18 months to 2 years ago one enlightened celiac specialist (he was American) said that the majority of celiac specialist were like parable of the 6 blind men and the elephant. When an elephant wandered into a village and 6 blind men went and checked it out, one felt it's tusk another it's belly another it's tail and another it's trunk etc and then they were all arguing over what an elephant was like. And a wise man said you're all right as you've all only looked at one aspect of the elephant.

I also say this because of my experiences and i get a really sore and gritty left eye sometimes i also really feel the cold, I had inflamed kidneys for 18 months and then whoosh it went and what causes all this? A trigger happy immune system, well that's my opinion.

What interests me about what you say your symptoms are and have you looked at Sjorgrens syndrome?:

Another really interesting thing is fibromyalgia whose symptoms are often compared to hypochondria again please see:

It annoys me when Dr's fob their patients off purely because they do not understand their patients real needs. So you must try not to let this upset you or put you off seeking treatment and try and adopt an attitude of I'm OK you're OK and not act to passively or be too apologetic when seeing the Dr.

That's my 2p's worth and I hope you find the actual cause of your ongoing symptoms.


Thanks for these refs Jerry - very helpful. In the first instance I went to the doctor because of the horizontal lines on my nails that's why he did the bloods. So he took that sign seriously - symptoms are always difficult. However, one problem I have, which I guess other people share, is in our practice you might see different doctors. I try to keep to the same one but that is not always possible for good reasons and my practice is very good at offering emergency appointments and routine ones - we do not have to wait ages unless we want to see a specific doctor who may be away. This is not a criticism but it does have an impact on my management.

I do suspect Sjorgens but it is difficult to get diagnosed for this and suggesting this may be a diagnosis might not go down well with the doctor right now. I get the impression, rightly or wrongly, that he thinks whenever I leave the surgery I log on to my computer to look up a new disease and re-present with the symptoms! I am trying to get my husband to come with me to my next GP appointment but he is so busy it is difficult to arrange. Unfortunately I am beginning to feel a bit written off because of my vintage status.


You can ask for a copy of the results - your GP can print it out then and there. The results will show a range and flag up when you are outside that range. Not everyone would want the printout so you need to ask for what you want, regardless of anyone's age.

PS Also GP might be too embarrassed to say they don't know!


Thanks Jacks - I did get a print out of the results I wanted to know what they were for. Jerry sent a couple of excellent links that helped me. Also the print out did have normal ranges which was really helpful. I was really pleased and reassured to have good results but still not sure what causes my problems.


You could also try this one. I use it a lot and it explains clearly what the tests are for, how they are done and why your GP is doing them.

Hope it helps.

Moggie x


Thank you Moggie it looks a really helpful site. Have a good day!


Your welcome - I hope I have a good day as I am off to see the immunologist today armed with a list of blood test I want.

You enjoy your day to.

Moggie x


Good luck with the appointment and I hope you get help and advice.



Moggie x


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