canker sores

canker sores

So before going gluten free, I would get canker sores all the time as a kid.. I then became sick by vomiting and diarrhea and stomach bloating. So I went to the doctor and they told me 2 try a gluten free diet for 3 months. I got better and sores went away and all. They told me to stay on the diet. So I did and a yr and a half later they decided to blood test me for celiac but it was negative... well this yr iv been having problems with dairy and fructose but the intolerant test for fructose was negative but i was super sick during that 25mg fructose test.. anyway the doctors did a endoscopy on me and colonoscopy to see what's going on..the endoscopy showed I had decreased folds but the biopsy showed my vili were fine. But then again iv been gluten free for 6 yrs now....

I actually went out to a reastront for the first time last Friday and in the middle of my dinner I had to rush to the bathroom because I was sick.. well the next day I woke up with sores all over in my mouth.(some of the sores in pic) anyways I'm curious to know if gluten intolerance or celiac causes these sores.

My gi doctor said she thinks I have celiac but with my vili being fine she's not sure... my dietition said if she had to bet she would that if I was tested right off the beginning It all would have been positive

Anyways That was a story about me my question is do any of you get these from gluten

I took these pictures to show my gi doctor when I go in on 5th to talk to be and touch bases since all my exams.and tests iv had have been negative of why Dairy and fructose are issues and some other things we can't figure out what...

it would only let me post one picture but i have them all over in my mouth

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  • Hi babe me & my sister both get them canker sores in our mouth & around the gums they are so painfull I get them when I have been glutened we both have coeliac with yrs of getting negative blood tests & yrs with me in thinking that I had ibs untill I lost so much weight & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse they said I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten so now I stick to a 100 percent not just gluten free diet but gluten free & wheat free I buy brands from asda & tesco that say on there labelling free from wheat free from gluten I am so careful with my food I have my own toaster & I never trust anyone with my food I have been glutened so many times & I suffered so much pain & needing the toilet all night I was so ill when once I went out & had a meal with sumone & I was told the gravy was gluten free but I was so poorly all night I felt like death the nausea was so deep & the brain fog I cudent think straight untill it passed I was in the garden for ever when I wasent on the toilet so babe dont put yurself through thinking everthing is gluten & wheatfree be vigilant like I am its not worth it the suffering it causes when your glutened this is what I say if in dought leave it out be safe patricia

  • canker sores usually develop in people with Celiacs when exposed to gluten. Your tests could have been negative due to fact you were not eating gluten. For an accurate diagnosis you have to be eating gluten when your tested.

  • Yeah see gave me the diagnosis today of it.... she's confused still why fructose is a issue when the breath test was negative but i was super sick doing the test.

  • Yes celiacs have a problem at first processing sugars due to damage in the villi. Dairy has a lot of sugar also and many celiacs are lactose intolerant at first but go on to manage it while others have a permanent problem with dairy.

  • PS Your family Dr can give you a prescription for canker sores. Warm salt water rinse helps and orajel from drug store helps to numb the pain

  • Iv been gluten free for 6 yrs because I was originally told I had intolerant to it was never tested for celiac until now. My vili are fine now but I have decreased folds in duodenum that will never grow back in guess

  • I had a lot of those sores and red raw tongue etc before I found out that I had celiac

  • Yeah I used to get them all the time b4 going gluten free but I was actually diagnosed with celiac yesterday for sure it's on the paper now lol

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